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Decarbonize the right way. Our Life Cycle Assessment software and data measure your carbon footprint at the product level.

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Tap into the power of life cycle assessments. Try Sphera’s market-leading software, data sets and simulations to create your own LCAs.

Learn Why Sphera Leads the Way in Product Sustainability

A Better Foundation for Product Sustainability

Learn how our LCA software and data boost your product sustainability performance.

What is Sustainable Design

Sustainable design incorporates environmental impact into product design and development at a product’s conception.

Powered by Industry-Leading Emission Factors Data

We’re the trusted source for emission factors data thanks to our deep engineering and methodological expertise.

Scale Your LCAs with LCA Automation

Gain LCA results across your entire portfolio in minutes with our newest product sustainability solution, LCA Automation.

Sphera Product Sustainability Solutions Software

Sphera’s Product Sustainability software and data support the specific needs of businesses in industries such as life sciences, manufacturing, chemicals, and building and construction, among others.

Most Reliable LCA Database on the Market

Over the last 30 years we have developed the largest internally consistent LCA databases available on the market.

Sphera’s Managed Life Cycle Databases (fka GaBi) provide a reliable basis for strategic decision-making in a fast-changing business environment. Globally, we offer the broadest compilation of high-quality and annually updated databases to suit your data needs.


– MLC Database →
– EF Databases
– Data on Demand
– Data Insights
– Professional Quality Assurance

Drive Sustainability with LCA Modeling Software for Experts

The most trusted product sustainability solution for LCAs, our LCA for Experts solution (formerly GaBi) powers R&D and product development and design to achieve a more sustainable product portfolio. Sustainability teams gain insights that help them build stronger product sustainability strategies. Marketing teams benefit from verifiable sustainability credentials to meet customer preferences. And supply chain hotspots are revealed to help mitigate risk.


  • Easy-to-understand reporting interface
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Customizable reporting templates and automated reporting
  • Life cycle costing
  • Built on trusted emission factors data
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Easy-to-Use Eco-Design Software, LCA Tool or Footprint Calculator

Identify the most sustainable design for your products by comparing scenarios, calculating LCAs and generating EPDs. There’s no need for LCA expertise. Sphera’s LCA Calculator (fka GaBi Envision) gives you a quick and accurate understanding of your products’ sustainability performance and helps you compare alternatives.


  • Easy-to-use LCA tool
  • Supports the creation of LCAs, EPDs, EFC, DfE and ecodesign
  • Allows for scenario comparison and what-if analysis
  • Helps identify the most sustainable designs

Streamline Your LCAs an Entire BOM at a Time

BOM Import (fka Gabi dfx) eliminates the need to leverage multiple users across multiple models to complete a product model with all life cycle considerations. Instead, users can upload their Bill of Materials (BOM) and analyze their LCA in moments. This ensures speed, consistency and accuracy.


  • Import your LCA-relevant data directly from your Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Conduct and Manage LCAs Cost Effectively
  • Respond Quickly to Regulatory & Customer Requirements

Portfolio-Wide LCAs Designed for Businesses with Complex Supply Chains

Get a clear picture of each product’s environmental impact in a fraction of the time.  Our solution integrates with existing IT infrastructure such as CAD, PLM or ERP systems to generate LCAs across an entire portfolio. It’s a game-changer in a challenging regulatory landscape.


  • Process manufacturing
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing

Engage with Sphera’s Product Sustainability Experts

No LCA practitioners on staff? Get expert guidance from Sphera’s Sustainability Consultants.

Assess the current and future sustainability of your product designs, operations and overall business strategy with the help of our experts. Using industry-specific data and market-leading software tools, we help you improve product and operational performance and reduce negative environmental impacts—all while boosting efficiencies and enhancing your position in a competitive marketplace.

Sphera Product Sustainability Customer Successes

Building a Culture of Decarbonization Programs

Learn how Eastman is leading that charge by using Sphera’s Life Cycle Assessment Automation technology to scale up product carbon footprint and LCA data across their entire global portfolio.

Using LCA Data to Drive ESG Performance

Learn how BASF is using Sphera’s LCA data to pinpoint hotspots in their supply chain to improve their organizational ESG performance.

Reducing GHG Emissions and Progressing Toward Sustainability

Learn how Saint-Gobain is using Sphera’s LCA software and data to reduce their GHG emissions and make progress toward their sustainability goals.

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