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Meet Today’s New Sustainability-Buying Criteria

Climate change is one of today’s most pressing issues, and buying decisions are increasingly being made on a product’s environmental impact. Consumers want products that are eco-friendly and ethical. Investors are closely examining company sustainability initiatives and net-zero commitments. And all companies need to be prepared for more restrictive regulations down the road.

Understand, Optimize and Communicate Your Product Sustainability

Our product sustainability software combines the world’s leading Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) modeling and reporting software with reliable and consistent environmental data. With more than 20 sector-specific databases, our analytics enable organizations to understand environmental impacts throughout each product life cycle and make fact-based decisions.

Model Product Life Cycles

Assess every raw material and process in every phase from extraction to end-of-life across your supply chain.

Calculate environmental impacts

Understand the material flows of your products and quantify the status quo environmental performance.

Identify Hot Spots

Build a foundation for improvement through performance analysis and comparison of alternative designs.

Communicate Environmental Results

Calculate your results and create automated reports in PDF or RTF formats based on your own corporate design template.

Lower Your Costs while You Improve Competitiveness

Our Product Sustainability software can positively affect business results by helping you save money, reduce risk, communicate product benefits and increase revenue:

Life Cycle Assessment Software

Our virtual interface lets you rapidly analyze product sustainability, identify improvement opportunities and assess the impact of design alternatives.

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Life Cycle Assessment Data

Within a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the quality of the underlying Life Cycle Inventory (LCI), including data about materials, processes, energy and transport, is crucial to producing valuable and reliable results.

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Sustainable Packaging Calculator

Use our intuitive tools to select your most sustainable options based on high-quality environmental data.

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Software for Sustainable Product Design

To reach your product sustainability goals, it’s critical to consider sustainability from the very start.

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Product Sustainability Software

Product Sustainability Brochure

All over the world the demand for more sustainable products is increasing. Consumers want to know about the environmental impacts of the products they buy and use. Industry leaders are announcing initiatives to be carbon neutral. Investors are focusing on sustainability initiatives as they set their financial strategies.

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