Supply Chain Risk Management

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Proactively monitor, identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk.

Supply Chain Risk Management Software


Keep Critical Supply Chain and Business Operations Running

Finding ways to become more risk aware, react faster and manage against emerging disruptions and compliance requirements is critical to business continuity. Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is your AI-powered solution for improving preparedness and establishing a single source of truth for handling risk across your entire organization.

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Identify and Manage Supply Chain Risks in Real Time and at Scale

Through the power of AI, Sphera SCRM (formerly riskmethods) can identify supply chain risk and enable you to implement timely countermeasures ensuring a greater degree of resiliency in your supply chain.

Risk Radar

Risk Radar leverages the power of artificial intelligence to profile and monitor your supply network to reveal risk in real time. Combined with premium and internal data sources, Risk Radar helps establish a common risk scorecard framework across your enterprise for countering supply chain threats more proactively while avoiding the costs of supply chain disruption.

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Impact Analyzer

Impact Analyzer helps you to minimize the business impact of risk by assessing suppliers’ criticality and detecting vulnerabilities at the category level. Adding impact dimensions like revenue and spend allows you to assess the extent of damage that a potential supplier failure could have on the supply chain. This also helps you select the suppliers that are best for your business.

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Action Planner

Action Planner helps you collaborate across your organization and with your suppliers to orchestrate the tasks needed to both proactively and reactively mitigate risk. Use pre-built and customizable action plans, so you can quickly take action before incidents become critical.

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Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment automates supplier and third-party assessment processes, enriches evaluation of risk scores and integrates survey results into business partners’ risk profiles. Our versatile supply chain assessment tool simplifies supplier qualification and monitoring, improves data accuracy, reduces manual data collection and closes the risk feedback loop.

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Compliance Incident Management

Compliance Incident Management (CIM) captures all relevant incident data. CIM comprehensively checks your supply chain for compliance-related violations and can be customized with company-related specifics. This enables you to monitor supply chain incidents that may violate regulatory requirements or internal sustainability goals and put you at greater financial or reputational risk.

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Sub-Tier Visibility

Sub-Tier Visibility visualizes the process of monitoring and alerting n-tier supply chains within the Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management solution. With supplier-validated supply sites, you can confidently map sub-tier dependencies and more accurately expose threats in your sub-tiers before they become critical.

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Elevate your supply chain risk management strategy in 2024 with the compliance power of Sphera SCRM ESG Bundle. One subscription gets you everything you need to proactively identify and mitigate ESG-related risks in your supply chain, craft customizable action plans and collect compliance-ready data to support reporting.

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Commodity Risk Tracker

Commodity Risk Tracker enables companies to monitor their most critical commodities to optimize sourcing results. With Commodity Risk Tracker companies are the first to learn of disruptions in crucial commodities and gain competitive advantage.

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For More than 10 Years, Companies Have Trusted Sphera SCRM

Find out how Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management software enables a proactive approach to supply chain risk.

Monitor Supply Networks in Real Time

Protect your business by quickly detecting risk. Profile and monitor your supply network to reveal risk in real time.

Minimize the Business Impact of Supply Chain Risk

Prevent risk from costing you by mapping disruptions to suppliers concentrated in regions impacted by geopolitical crisis or natural disasters.

Collaborate to Create a Resilient Enterprise

Save valuable time by making the right decisions by collaborating both across your organization and with your suppliers to proactively mitigate risk.

Automate Third-Party Assessment Process

Risk can be best managed by what you see. But for certain areas of your risk exposure, your third parties are the only ones who can provide the answers.

Expose Threats in N-Tier Supply Chains

Work with tier-1 suppliers to visually map dependencies and expose threats in your sub-tiers before they become critical.

Hundreds of Customers Manage their Supply Chain Risk with Sphera SCRM

Purchasing and supply chain leaders from companies you know run on Sphera SCRM software to manage and mitigate risk.

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Why You Need Upstream Visibility

Upstream supply chain visibility is having a clear understanding of all the processes and parts needed for your products. Learn how to gain upstream visibility.

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The Intelligent Way to Manage Risk

There are four challenges within supply chain risk, if you want to solve them learn how Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management [formerly riskmethods] can help you solve them and turn risk into a competitive Advantage.

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How to Get Started with SCRM

With four steps, companies can begin their supply chain risk management journey. Effectively prevent and efficiently react to risk events.

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Market Guide for Supplier Risk Management Solutions

Sphera [formerly riskmethods] was named a Representative Vendor in the May 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Supplier Risk Management Solutions.

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We are pleased to introduce the inaugural Sphera Supply Chain Risk Report. This report explores the risks that threatened enterprises and suppliers the most in 2023, as well as their causes and consequences. We also investigate relevant events and look at real-life examples to illustrate how risk develops.

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On Avg. SC disruptions cause 4.2% EBITDA loss per year.


79% report 4% or more of revenue was lost to supply chain disruptions over the past 3 years1.


Only 15% have visibility into tier-2 and beyond1.


35% of respondents have 1 to 4 days typical response time to a risk event1.

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Are You Ready to Manage Risk?

Learn what Sphera’s Supply Chain Risk Management software can do for your enterprise.