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Elevate operational safety and productivity with Control of Work Software and Services

Elevate operational safety and productivity. Real-time insights, compliance assurance and streamlined processes empower companies to achieve industry excellence.

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Transform your operational environment

Proactive visibility of risk

Capture all activities and associated risks and display them in real-time dashboard views to easily see when and where they are occurring.

Improve planning, maintenance and productivity

Bring together risk assessments, JHAs, isolations management, permit to work, job hazard identification and job conflict visualization.

Manage SIMOPS and detect conflicts

Understand and manage SIMOPS and detect conflicts. Reduce the potential for human errors by proactively providing the right information.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity through pre-defined templates and workflows to incorporate best practices related to worker safety and operational efficiency.

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in this suite

Our enterprise-wide, fully integrated software reduces the likelihood of incidents and operational losses. Advanced software tools build workflows to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze health and safety information.

Permit to Work

Standardize practices and ensure safe, efficient work execution.

Isolation Management

Safely isolate machines and equipment from uncontrolled energy.

Process Safety Barrier & Deviation Management

Enable proactive management and full visibility into your safeguards.

Interactive P and ID

Plan and manage isolations with great safety and efficiency.

Operational Logbook and Shift Handover

Gain full visibility into previous shifts and insights for upcoming shifts.

Emergency Preparedness & Response

Enhance your team’s responsiveness with real-time access to response plans.

Dynamic Risk Pathways

Operationalize your bowtie risk software with real-time digital twins.

Permit to Work

Make better decisions with a single, shared view of information and operations. In environments that are constantly changing, companies need insights based on real-time asset conditions. This enables operators to improve and sustain permit-to-work practices and make sound operational decisions.

Standardize policy into practice

Optimize safety and productivity with powerful capabilities.


  • Single, shared view of the operational reality.
  • Standardize policy into operational practice using templates and standardized workflows.
  • Powerful mobile capabilities to support work at the job site.
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Integrated business processes

Powerful integration capabilities provide a joined-up approach to business process using data from Control of Work and other operational systems.


  • Monitor activities and risks in real-time with dynamic dashboards.
  • Integrate risk assessments, JHAs, isolations, permits and job conflict visualization.
  • Understand and manage SIMOPS and detect conflicts.
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Safety and efficiently execute work

Understand what has happened, what is happening, and what is planned to reduce risk exposure while increasing efficiency.


  • Minimize exposure and risk to safety concerns or violations.
  • Boost productivity with predefined templates for optimal work safety practices.
  • Track operational activities that could introduce risk and monitor work permit status and performance.
  • Monitor risky activities, track permits, and assess performance.
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"Green" means go: Enter Dynamic Risk Pathways

Barriers and safeguards are in place to help hazardous industries prevent incidents, but being able to monitor all those barriers at one time across an organization has always been difficult, especially given how different key controls interact—until now.


Process Safety Report 2023

Our latest Process Safety Report takes a deep dive into the state of process safety and operational risk management across various industries.


Understanding the Plant Maintenance Life Cycle

Learn how this framework ensures that all maintenance activities are scheduled and performed safely and correctly.


Driving Operational Excellence with Digital PSM

Sphera Director of Solution Consulting outlines how you can improve process safety management through digital tools.


Control of Work explained

The quest for safe operations all starts with taking control. Whether you’re protecting barriers, managing shift handoff or planning a large turnaround project, control of work is critical to managing and optimizing any risk-related job safely. Everything from permits, job conflicts, hazards and other forms of risk must be assessed and accounted for to ensure the right people have the right information at the right time so they can make the right decisions.

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Streamline tasks, enhance safety and boost productivity through real-time insights and compliance assurance. Take control: Empower your team, mitigate risks and achieve operational excellence effortlessly.

What is Control of Work?

Control of Work is a company’s safety management system. Control of Work ensures that only qualified employees perform hazardous work, and that risks are reduced when they do. It provides a safety guide for workers, an approval system for supervisors and a protocol for everyone.

Why is Control of Work important?

Control of Work aims to make your workplace safer, especially for those performing the most hazardous tasks. This is why many employers are required to have a Control of Work system in place by either the European Union or United States’ OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Sphera’s consultants are experts at making sure your business is compliant.

How will a Control of Work System integrate with the rest of my systems?

Control of Work serves as a comprehensive Integrated Safe System of work, consolidating all safety-related data into a singular, reliable safety management system. It facilitates the seamless creation of ad hoc applications and enables integrations with pre-existing systems to enhance operational efficiency. For example, its integration with an ERP system to automate the generation of Permits directly from Work Orders, streamlining processes and ensuring compliance with safety protocols.

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