Helping you create a safer, more sustainable and productive world.

Improve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management with integrated software, data and consulting solutions.

Sphera Ranked Top ESG Software Company in Terms of Capabilities in Inaugural Report

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ESG & Sustainability

Bring ESG performance into your organization to achieve higher investment returns and brand reputation, fewer environmental incidents, and better resiliency during business shocks.

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Risk Management

Get a holistic view of your organization’s operational and supply chain risk in real time, break down information silos, and incorporate predictive and prescriptive solutions for advanced risk mitigation.

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Sphera Acquires SupplyShift, a Pioneer in Supply Chain Sustainability Software

Connect buyers and suppliers in one unified platform that enables responsible sourcing and emissions tracking, sharpens ESG risk detection and elevates sustainability reporting.

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Innovative Solutions to Improve Safety,
Sustainability and Productivity

Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability

Sphera’s EHS software delivers end-to-end risk management in a single, scalable platform so companies can meet their EHS&S goals.

Operational Risk Management

Sphera’s Operational and Supply Chain Risk Management software helps operators develop a unified strategy so they can drive Operational Excellence across the enterprise.

Product Stewardship

Sphera’s Product Stewardship software combines best-of-breed software tools with broad and deep content to enable you to comply, streamline and automate processes across the entire lifecycle.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Sphera’s sustainability consulting services support companies in all sectors by helping them address their unique environmental and sustainability needs.

Supply Chain Transparency

Sphera’s Supply Chain Transparency integrates Risk Management and Sustainability, delivering holistic insights, real-time monitoring, regulatory and ESG-risk assessments, as well as direct supplier data collection, engagement and improvement.

Taking the next step on your ESG performance journey has never been more important to your customers, your employees and your investors.

Sphera helps customers chart a course to ESG improvement that mitigates risk and improves safety, sustainability and productivity.

A Sustainable Future

Reduce risks, attract investors, increase revenue, enhance brand reputation and lower your costs with Sphera’s Integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Management Solutions. We help reduce exposure to environmental risk and drive your organization into a sustainable future.

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A World-Class Safety Culture

Protect your employees and customers with Integrated ESG solutions that improve personnel, process and product safety. We help companies build a world-class Safety Culture that elevates their global reputation.

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A Productive and Successful Business

Our innovative software connects people, processes and information to help the right people get the right Safety, Risk and Sustainability information at the right time, which increases productivity. We help unlock the information silos trapped in outdated tools and handwritten forms.

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Sustainable Success: How Businesses Win as a Force for Good

Paul Marushka equips the reader with the tools and expertise to make a real difference at their company and leave an important legacy.

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Solution Insights

As you pursue your Safety, Sustainability and Productivity goals, you need the right combination of information, innovation and insights to reach them.

Solution Insights

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