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Our software gathers and analyzes data from a host of sources so companies can make more-informed, strategic business decisions about mitigating risk. We call this intersection of process, progress and performance Integrated Risk Management 4.0 (IRM 4.0). The true testament to our success is told by the incidents that never even occurred.

For over 30 years, more than 8,000 customers and millions of users have trusted our software, data insights and consulting services to help solve their complex challenges.

Sphera’s Response to COVID-19

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Innovative Solutions to Improve Safety,
Sustainability and Productivity

Optimize health and safety management. Ensure environmental sustainability. Drive Operational Excellence.

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End-to-End Risk Management to Meet Daily and Strategic EHS&S Goals

Sphera’s EHS Software delivers end-to-end risk management in a single, scalable platform so companies can meet their daily and strategic EHS goals.


Optimize processes. Work collaboratively. Drive Operational Excellence.

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Strategic Risk Mitigation Strategies Lead to Operational Excellence

Sphera’s Operational Risk Management solutions help operators develop a unified strategy so they can drive Operational Excellence across the enterprise.

Create safer, more sustainable products and effectively manage chemicals throughout their lifecycle.

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Create Safer, more Sustainable Products and Effectively Manage Chemicals Throughout the Lifecycle

Sphera’s Product Stewardship solutions combine best of best-of-breed with broad and deep content to enable you to comply, streamline and automate processes across the entire lifecycle of your products.

Simplify and streamline organizational sustainability reporting and management

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Sustainability Is more than just Doing Good Things; It’s Doing Good Things for Your Business too

Sphera’s sustainability consulting services, combined with premium software tools and industry-specific databases, support companies globally and in all sectors by helping them address their unique environmental and sustainability needs.

Risk data is everywhere, but what can you do with those numbers?

With a spreadsheet, not much. Being able to collect the data and use it to its full potential are two very different things. IRM 4.0 allows companies to harness the data and get a bird’s eye view of their risk areas. It also allows organizations to receive the predictive and prescriptive analytics necessary to mitigate incidents before they even occur. How is that done? Through software, through technology, through the innovative platform known as SpheraCloud.



Advanced analytics to power better decisions


Mobile solutions to capture and deliver information everywhere


Automatic and universal system updates to reduce maintenance and improve performance


24/7/365 support from Sphera’s Customer Care Team

We are innovators with deep industry and subject matter expertise who have a passion for solving our customers’ complex challenges across their organization.

Building & Construction

Integrate sustainability and risk management throughout the building and construction value chain

Chemicals & Life Sciences

Comply with complex regulations and deliver safe products to the market


Safely manage hazardous materials


Build quality, safety, and risk management into your manufacturing process

Metals and Mining

Find and mitigate risks that pose a threat to operations and employees

Oil & Gas

Manage risk, achieve compliance, and keep your people and assets safe

Power & Mobility

Manage risk to improve operational efficiency and financial performance

Retail and Consumer Goods

Meet increasing consumer demand for safe and sustainable products

The world’s leading analysts trust us.

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