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A Joined-up View of the Operational Reality – in Real-Time.

Nearly 30 years ago, in response to a number of serious industrial incidents, Sphera’s Control of Work software pioneered the concept of ISSOW (Integrated Safe System of Work) and electronic Permit to Work (ePTW) to deliver a more systematic way of managing the controls associated with hazardous work activities. The system has evolved to become an integrated platform which includes - risk assessment, permit to work, isolation lock-out-tag-out (LOTO), and more – to help frontline work teams better understand and manage the risk impact of their work activities. Today, the solution offers industry-leading, end-to-end safe control of work functionality that helps mitigate interdependent risks.

Mitigate Interdependent Risks.

By establishing consistent working practices and conditions, hazardous industry operators can improve their safety performance and prevent incidents. But, control of work solutions must be fully integrated into Operational Risk Management architectures to produce real value, and that’s where many solutions fall short.

Sphera’s software combines information from permits, isolations, hazards, maintenance shifts, and SIMOPS to deliver a real-time view across an entire facility. The industry 4.0 technology integrates risk analysis across domains and through seamless integration with asset performance management (APM) software to deliver a real-time view of the operational reality and the ability to mitigate any anticipated operational risks through the work permissions process. Information about asset health, mechanical integrity and equipment-related risk are accounted for in the context of potentially hazardous work activity. It helps ensure maintenance work such as inspections, repairs and preventative maintenance are executed with all safety measures in place – whether it be a LOTO process, a hot work or fire protection measure, safe confined space entry, and more, to ensure a safe working environment exists throughout the job.

With Sphera’s Industrial Connected Worker Mobility app, field operations have anywhere access to the tools they need, so that they know if there are any risks or hazards associated with their work that could impact their performance or safety, or that of others in the same area. They can manage JHAs, verify isolations and LOTO, identify hazards, manage work activities and actions and more. Supervisors and operational authorities can know when and where work is happening on the asset and if any potential conflicts exist.

Sphera’s Control of Work Solution

Integrate key business processes

  • Capture all activities and associated risks and display them in real-time dashboard views to easily see when and where they are occurring
  • Bring together risk assessments, JHAs, isolations management, permit to work, job hazard identification, and job conflict visualization
  • Understand and manage SIMOPS and detect conflicts

Ensure control and compliance

  • Ensure work controls expose Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risk – not just permits and personal safety
  • Standardize and harmonize your policies into consistent operational practice
  • Streamline your permit process and reduce the administrative burden

Safely, efficiently execute work

  • Reduce organizational exposure and risk to safety concerns or violations
  • Increase productivity through pre-defined templates that incorporate best business practices related to worker safety
  • Track operational activities that could introduce risk and monitor work permit status and performance

Control of Work is a key step in the journey to digital operations, and Sphera’s Operational Risk Management solutions extends that journey with advanced capabilities that include operations and maintenance scheduling and planning, process safety barrier management, emergency preparedness and response, operations logbook and shift handover, IT/OT integration, and more to enhance organizations’ ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks associated with physical assets in real-time.

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