Supply Chain Transparency

Transform your supply chain with the end-to end capabilities of the market’s premier solution for proactive cost, risk and ESG management​.

Integrate Supply Chain Risk, Sustainability, and Supplier Engagement for Unparalleled Visibility and Performance

Sphera’s Supply Chain Transparency integrates Risk Management and Sustainability, delivering holistic insights, real-time monitoring, regulatory and ESG-risk assessments, as well as direct supplier data collection, engagement and improvement. Empower procurement & sustainability teams for agile management of your supply chain.

24/7 Real-time Media Monitoring

3rd Party Risk Data Sources

Customer-provided Data

Supplier-provided Data

Procurement’s ability to adapt and monetize is crucial for survival


annual EBITDA loss from disruption


of disruptions arise in sub-tiers

Nearly Half​ of CMO’s admit to flawed ESG reporting and two-thirds of businesses can’t tell if their closest supply chain partners are meeting any kinds of ESG standards.​ 90%​ of companies GHG emissions are attributed to their supply chains​.

Industry Leading Supply Chain Risk Management and Sustainability Software

Supply Chain Sustainability

Connect buyers and suppliers in one unified platform that enables responsible sourcing and emissions tracking, sharpens ESG risk detection and elevates sustainability reporting.

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Risk Radar

Unleash the potential of Risk Radar: Harness AI for real-time supply network monitoring. With premium and internal data, you have a unified risk scorecard, empowering your enterprise to proactively tackle supply chain threats and minimize disruption costs.

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Sub-tier Visibility

Transform your supply chain security: While 50% of disruptions stem from sub-tier suppliers, only 15% of enterprises have visibility beyond tier 1. Sphera SCRM Sub-tier Visibility visualizes and monitors n-tier supply chains and notifies you of risks. Validate supply sites, confidently map dependencies and expose threats before they escalate.

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Compliance Incident Management

Effortlessly manage compliance incidents with CIM: Comprehensively scan your supply chain for violations, capture all incident data and customize settings for company-specific needs. Monitor incidents that could jeopardize regulatory compliance, endanger internal sustainability goals, or pose financial and reputational risks.

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Impact Analyzer

Minimize the business impact of risk by assessing suppliers’ criticality and detecting vulnerabilities at the category level.

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Action Planner

Collaborate across your organization and with your suppliers to proactively mitigate risk with risk mitigation and workflow tools to document all actions taken as part of a risk event.

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Commodity Risk Tracker

Be the first to learn of disruptions in crucial commodities. Optimize sourcing results and gain competitive advantage.

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Our Supply Chain Transparency Software is consistently recognized by prominent analyst and media properties.





Sphera Supply Chain Transparency

Sphera Supply Chain Transparency is an innovative solution that delivers unparalleled insights and actionable steps to enhance your supply chain’s resilience, performance and compliance.

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Hundreds of Customers Manage their Supply Chain Risk and Sustainability with Sphera Supply Chain Transparency

Purchasing and supply chain leaders from companies you know run on Sphera software to manage and mitigate risk.

Sphera Supply Chain Risk Report 2024

Sphera’s inaugural report provides data-based insights to help empower companies in protecting their businesses from ever-evolving risks and building resilient, agile and sustainable supply chains.

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Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

Transform your risk assessment from reactive to proactive. Our rich framework standardizes and records risk assessment data.

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Supply Chain Sustainability [SupplyShift]

Empowering Transparent and Responsible Supply Chains.

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