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Supply Chain Transparency

Increase the resilience of your supply chain with Sphera: The ultimate solution for proactive cost, risk and ESG management.

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Integrate supply chain risk, sustainability and supplier engagement for unparalleled transparency and performance

Total Risk Insight

Monitor 15B articles per month, 24/7 tracking, with over 99% relevancy and direct supplier data for holistic risk visibility.

Collaborative Resilience

Drive proactive risk mitigation with automated assessments and supplier collaboration, ensuring a resilient supply chain.

Sustainable ESG Alignment

Simplify ESG reporting, tackle carbon hot spots and harmonize cost, risk and ESG goals with the help of actionable insights and auditable supplier data. 


annual EBITDA loss from disruption


of disruptions arise in sub-tiers


indicator relevance and accuracy


of companies’ GHG emissions are attributed to their supply chains

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ESG and Sphera SCRM

Up to 90% of a company’s combined Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions can be attributed to their supply chains. Learn how businesses harmonize ESG and sustainability with cost and risk. Integrate ESG considerations for better supply chain risk management.


Sphera SCRM Risk Radar

Beyond risk identification, elevate your supply chain resilience with proactive measures. Learn how risk-aware companies mitigate risks before they happen.


Sphera SCRM Sub-tier Visibility

Half of all supply chain disruptions come from sub-tier suppliers. Gain clarity on dependencies beyond your direct suppliers and effectively mitigate risk.


Compliance Incident Management

Ensure compliance with supply chain laws. Monitor your supply chains for violations, capture incident data and document all remediation efforts.

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Actionable Intelligence: Combining Data and Tools to Enhance Supply Chain Visibility

Watch our webinar and hear from Sphera’s experts: LCA Automation Webinar.
June 4, 2024
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The significance of ESG regulations in today’s supply chain landscape

Learn how digital process safety management benefits all levels of an organization.
April 15, 2024
WO 132 2024 Risk report webinar

Extracting the Data: The State of Supply Chains in 2024

Join supply chain and regulatory experts for insights into the Report, including what businesses can do to prepare…
April 8, 2024


Sphera’s Supply Chain Transparency (SCT) solution offers end-to-end visibility across your entire supply chain.

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What is a supply chain, in basic terms?

A supply chain is the interconnected sequence of processes that is undertaken by your raw materials before they become finished products.

What is supply chain transparency?

Supply chain transparency means having open communication about your supply chain with external stakeholders. It allows you to give clear information about the processes and materials behind your finished goods. If your business needs more supply chain transparency, Sphera’s expert consultants can help.

What is the difference between supply chain visibility and supply chain transparency?

Supply chain visibility refers to a company’s ability to see activities throughout its supply chain. Lack of supplier information reduces visibility. This could include data on daily production, quality control, raw material sourcing, shipment locations and compliance with laws on worker safety, human rights and environmental impact. 

Supply chain transparency requires companies to know what is happening upstream in the supply chain and to communicate this knowledge both internally and externally. 

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