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Operational Risk Management provides an integrated solution that fits your needs

Improve safety and operate sustainably while cutting costs with our industry-leading ORM solutions.

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Over 2,000 customers across all industries have relied on our expertise and solutions for more than 30 years.


Gain deep insight, work collaboratively and drive operational excellence

Operate safely 

Standardize policy into operational practice to ensure tasks are performed right every time, every day.

Operate efficiently 

Improve the collective management of operational risk and activity by connecting operations, maintenance, EHS and planning to real-life workflows.

Operate sustainably  

Move from reactive measures to predictive and proactive ones to ensure safe, productive, reliable operations while meeting sustainability targets. 


less asset downtime


growth in frontline efficiency


fewer incidents and injuries


drop in compliance-related costs

Our awards

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Operational Excellence Innovation Awards

Oil & Gas


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hydrocarbon processing

Best Process – Plant Optimization

Control of Work


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Green Quadrant

Leader: Process Safety Management Software


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Operational Risk Management Software


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Magic Quadrant

Operational Risk Management


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Product of the Year

Safety Category


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Best Digital Twin Technology

Finalist: ORM Digital Twin


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Process Safety Report 2023

Learn about key trends and recent developments in process safety and operational risk management.


Improve PSM through digital tools

Expert advice and insights that can help your company drive operational excellence.

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Sphera’s industry-leading ORM solution drives operational excellence. Organizations improve safety, mitigate risk, reduce costs and build resilience.

What is ORM?

ORM stands for Operational Risk Management. ORM is a comprehensive framework used by organizations to help identify, asses, mitigate and monitor risks that could impede operations and affect future revenue or reputation.

What is the concept of Operational Risk Management?

Operational Risk Management, often called ORM, is a process to assess risk. Sphera plays a pivotal role in ORM by providing technology-driven solutions designed to help organizations manage and mitigate operational risks effectively.

What is the difference between ORM and ERM?

ORM (Operational Risk Management) and ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) are similar practices, but ORM is broader. It focuses on mitigating overall risk and implementing risk controls, while ERM focuses more on creating new revenue streams and the affects on future revenue or reputation.

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