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Digitized Safety Data Sheets are just the beginning with our Chemical Management Software

Centralize your chemical data for streamlined management, improved safety and minimized risk.

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Chemical management that fits your needs

Expert indexing

Sphera’s team of experts indexes over 300 unique points on your supplier SDS.

Regular updates to SDSs

SDSs are updated at least every 24 months, with Sphera’s experts doing the legwork of calling suppliers.


Achieve fast returns on your investment with standardized templates and configurable workflows that will quickly have you up and running.

Globally supported

Designed from the ground up for enterprise-wide implementations on a global scale. You receive superior care during and after your implementation.

Explore the modules
in this suite

Our Chemical Management Software helps businesses control everything from raw materials to final product packaging, supporting precise, predictable and scalable chemical programs for global supply chains and an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Chemical Inventory Management

Track inventory and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Document Storage Software

Organize, share and quickly find internal documents and policies.

Safety Data Sheet Management Software

Manage, monitor, report and provide universal access to Safety Data Sheets.

Administer, track and manage your materials

Comprehensive chemical management is critical for the safety of your employees and for compliant operations. The more chemicals and hazardous substances you have, the higher the risks of using and storing them. The more countries you ship chemicals to, the greater the complexity of managing regulations effectively from receipt through use and disposal.

Consolidate data and turn information into insights

Product stewards know the importance of accurately tracking materials. Having the right tool increases transparency and simplifies reporting.


  • Material reporting enables transparency.
  • Material approval ensures only compliant materials arrive on site.
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Easily access safety data

Centralize Safety Data Sheets, so employees can quickly assess critical safety information on the job.


  • End-to-end visibility to track hazardous substances in your facility
  • Fast access to up-to-date SDS and chemical safety documentation
  • Easier compliance with Right-to-Know legislation
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Solution Family on page images_Chemical Management – Easily access safety data

Automate reporting for stress-free compliance

Create organization-specific workflows for approval processes. Save time and improve operational efficiency.


  • Keep up to date on local, regional and international regulations.
  • Easily create reports for suppliers, customers and regulators.
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Solution Family on page images_Chemical Management – Automate reporting for stress-free compliance

Is your chemical management inefficient?

The right system can eliminate your fears of noncompliance, wasted resources and inefficiencies. Work smarter, not harder.


What to know about SDS verification

Verification is essential for regulatory compliance, and SDSs ensure that people can safely handle, use and distribute the chemicals in the substances they create.


Streamlining systems for efficiency

A multinational apparel company sought to consolidate their chemical management processes to improve efficiency and transparency across the organization.

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The Chemicals Management Capabilities of EHS Software


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Chemical Management Software


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Through SpheraCloud, we provide software tools with broad and deep content and a team of experienced professionals to create an optimized approach to product stewardship.

What is Chemical Management Software?

Chemical Management Software helps you manage and monitor chemical inventories, stay compliant with regulations and give your team a central source of information about response plans and other details.

How does Sphera help keep track of chemical inventory?

Sphera’s Chemical Management Software goes beyond simply helping you keep track of chemical inventory. We help you consolidate data, stay compliant and create efficiencies.

Why is a chemical management system important?

A chemical management system helps your company stay safe and compliant. It can also help your company improve response times and become more operationally efficient. Sphera’s Chemical Management Software makes chemical management simple and straightforward.

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