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Health and Safety is not debatable

Enhance workforce safety and embed a corporate safety culture with Sphera's cloud-based software platform to protect your people and operations.

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With our purpose-built SpheraCloud software you can support your health and safety program.

Enhance workforce safety

Consolidate health, safety and risk data to drive informed decisions, predict and prevent safety events and ensure compliance.

Real-time visibility to inform your decisions

Flexible reports give health and safety leaders a better understanding of what is driving safety performance – including past performance and emerging trends.

Increase efficiency

Transform your operations with integrated cloud-based software. Use advanced technology to increase your safety program efficiency.

Minimize financial impacts

With a resilient health and safety program, you can reduce your health and safety costs and strengthen your brand.


annual cost of U.S. job injuries


Increase in fatalities in 2021 in the US


portfolio returns among companies that prioritize health and wellness


in U.K. had work-related health issues in ‘22/’23

Explore the modules
in this suite

Our enterprise-wide, fully integrated health and safety software platform reduces the likelihood of incidents and operational losses. Advanced software provides digitized workflows to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze health and safety information.

Actions Software

Manage risk with company-wide action tracking, reporting and remediation.

Analytics Software

Use real-time data get insights on performance and improve decision-making.

Audits Software

Centralize, plan and automate audits and inspections with customized workflows.

Behavior-Based Safety Software

Capture immediate and detailed observations to reduce potential risk.

Contractor Safety Software

Mitigate third-party risks across contractors and the supply chain.

Data Collection Software

Simplify safety data collection and monitoring across your organization.

Incident Management Software

Optimize safety performance with end-to-end incident management.

Management of Change Software

Effectively manage and mitigate risks to optimize your change process.

Document Management Software

Secure, control and standardize the management of your documents.

Risk Assessment Software

Assess and mitigate health and safety risks in one central application.

Training Management Software

Easily monitor and manage training needs across your organization.

Explore how to optimize your health and safety performance

With the increasing adoption of ESG frameworks, there is also growing interest in health and safety data and performance.

In our Ebook, we recommend three key areas to focus on to improve your safety culture, adoption, and optimize your company’s health and safety performance.

Increase safety culture and adoption by using mobile devices

Reporting by the entire workforce provides you with 360° insights in safety data and full visibility of your safety risk.


  • SpheraCloud First Report portal (no user login necessary)
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android
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Solution Family on page images_HSM – Increase safety culture and adoption by using mobile devices

Purpose-built software to manage health and safety risk

Fully integrated cloud-based software platform with proven modules tailored to our customer’s business requirements.


  • 30+ years of experience
  • Real-time visibility into your safety performance
  • Scalable for future EHS and ESG reporting
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Solution Family on page images_HMS – Purpose-built software to manage health and safety risk

Actionable output based on the right data

With insightful safety data, you can identify trends, take corrective action and set up proactive measures to prevent future risk.


  • Leading industry workflows
  • Proactive safety measures
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Solution Family on page images_HMS – Actionable output based on the right data

Understanding the evolving health and safety landscape

Sphera launched the 2023 Health and Safety Pulse Survey end of last year, to better understand the current state of health and safety management globally. Read our blog about key challenges and barriers, but also drivers to navigate EHS excellence.


Installation and sustainment services

By complementing your technology investment with Sphera’s Sustainment Services, you can access our in-house expertise and the latest product developments to help keep your configurations aligned with industry best practices, changing regulatory requirements, and changes in your own processes.

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Unlock EHS excellence across your enterprise with Sphera’s responsive, configurable, and intuitive cloud-based EHS software platform, built on deep domain and industry expertise.

What is health and safety management?

Health and safety management is a core part of EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) that focuses specifically on the health of employees and the prevention of workplace hazards.

Why do companies need health and safety software?

Health and safety management software (EHS software) helps companies streamline their health and safety programs. By centralizing tasks such as incident reporting, action management, training and audit tracking, contractor safety, and change management, companies save time and resources and protect their workforce.

Why is Sphera some of the best health and safety management software?

SpheraCloud Health and Safety Management software is built on the knowledge gained from more than 30 years of experience providing a variety of solutions to the world’s largest companies in the most complex industries. Advanced software modules create workflows to identify risks, collect, track, investigate, report and analyze health and safety information to help organizations understand and improve their health and safety performance.

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