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Simplify complex emissions calculations with Environmental Accounting Software

Build a transparent, auditable and actionable powerhouse to ensure environmental compliance and maximize the effectiveness of your ESG program.

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With our purpose-built SpheraCloud software you can support your environmental accounting program

Improve transparency

Use data visualizations, material tracking and error detection to enhance your emissions calculation transparency.

Increase traceability

Leverage your traceable environmental data to support real-time risk assessment and future performance management.

Build trust

Companies earn trust by reporting on their emissions. The transparency and traceability of your data build trust with your internal and external stakeholders.

Explore the modules
in this suite

SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting Software helps you simplify your emissions management and compliance for air, water and waste emissions.

Air/GHG Emissions Software

Centralize, calculate and report on your air/GHG emissions data.

Water Emissions Management

Centralize, calculate and report on water usage and discharge data.

Waste Management

Simplify and improve your waste management, monitoring and reporting.

Designed for high-emitting industries

Our software simplifies the environmental reporting that regulatory programs and global initiatives demand from high-emitting industries.


  • Built to handle vast amounts of data
  • Multiple methods of data collection
  • Standardized and asset-specific calculation methodologies
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Solution Family on page images_Training Management Software – Streamlined training management

Award-winning calculation functionality

You can access visual models of the detailed expressions to calculate values and fully visualize any calculated value for any date range.


  • Provides intermediate calculation values
  • Displays erroneous data in real time
  • Shows impact on your emission calculation
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SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting continues to be a market leader

Shift your perspective on ESG and sustainability reporting from being a compliance exercise to maximizing asset performance and reducing your Scope 1 environmental impact.


Top Product of the Year 2023 award for SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting Software

Designed for highly regulated industries, SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting provides a broad set of data collection, management and calculation functionalities for enterprise-wide emissions at a scale and depth unrivaled across the industry.


Installation and sustainment services

By complementing your technology investment with Sphera’s Sustainment Services, you can access our in-house expertise and the latest product developments to help keep your configurations aligned with industry best practices, changing regulatory requirements and changes in your own processes.

Leading environmental compliance and ESG management software

Investments in EHS programs and technology drive ESG performance, forming a symbiotic relationship. The Verdantix Product Benchmark, drawing upon the Verdantix Green Quadrant for EHS Software 2023, recognizes Sphera as a leading provider of integrated environmental compliance and ESG management solutions.

Our awards

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Top Product of the Year

SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting

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Smart Innovator

Environmental Compliance Software

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Green Quadrant

Leader: EHS Software

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Global Leader

Cloud Computing

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Why environmental accounting software is a game changer in high-emitting industries

While the world fights climate change with bold initiatives, other environmental issues such as air pollution and water supply…
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Understanding your environmental impact with Sphera

Companies need to take a disciplined approach to understanding their environmental impact in order to move beyond compliance.
March 21, 2024

How environmental accounting can help companies weather the storm

Create value across your organization, minimize compliance and sustainability risks and move beyond mere compliance to impactful performance.
March 6, 2024


Unlock EHS excellence across your enterprise with Sphera’s responsive, configurable, and intuitive cloud-based Environmental Accounting software platform, built on deep domain and industry expertise.

What is environmental accounting?

Increasing environmental regulations and today’s vast amount of environmental data for air, water, and waste can be challenging, especially for large companies in high-emitting industries. Environmental accounting helps your company create a traceable system for your environmental data to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Why do companies need environmental accounting software?

To comply with environmental regulations, companies need purpose-built software that automatically collects and analyzes data on air emissions, water use, and waste management. It replaces time-consuming and error-prone manual processes and streamlines environmental reporting.

Why is Sphera some of the best software for environmental accounting?

Designed for highly regulated industries, SpheraCloud Environmental Accounting provides a comprehensive set of data collection, management, and calculation capabilities for enterprise-wide emissions at a scale and depth unmatched in the industry. This creates an auditable record of an organization’s air/GHG emissions, as well as water and waste management. SpheraCloud software was recognized as a Smart Innovator in a recent Verdantix Smart Innovator report.

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