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Supply Chain Risk Management

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Unlock the power of AI-driven risk management solutions with Sphera, revolutionizing the way you safeguard your supply chain.

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Avoid unplanned costs and generate savings

Save 20% by securing critical supply.

Protect revenues

Respond to a disruption 36 hours faster than before.

Optimize working capital

Use automation to increase early risk detection by 85%.

Secure compliance and protect reputation

Create transparency and maintain compliance in the supply network.

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Explore supply chain resilience excellence with Sphera’s comprehensive SCRM solution. Our platform delivers dynamic insights, elevating early risk detection and real-time monitoring throughout your supply network. Leveraging premium news sources and internal data, enterprises access a unified risk scorecard, empowering proactive measures against supply chain threats, ensuring operational safeguarding

Risk Radar

Leverage the power of AI to map and proactively protect your supply network.

Impact Analyzer

Assess the criticality of suppliers and detect vulnerabilities.

Action Planner

Make supply chain mitigation easier with more efficient collaboration.

Sub-tier Visibility

Achieve multi-tier risk tracking through automation and collaboration.

Compliance Incident Management

Detect, monitor and mitigate ethical Supply Chain violations.

Commodity Risk Tracker

Analyze risk with automatically combined data from supplier surveys.

Compliance Power: Supply Chain Due Diligence by Sphera

Elevate your SCRM strategy with Supply Chain Due Diligence. One subscription gets you everything you need to proactively identify and mitigate ESG risks in your supply chain, craft customizable action plans and collect compliance-ready data for reporting.

Monitor supply networks in real time

Protect your business by quickly detecting threats. Profile and monitor your supply network to reveal risk in real time.


  • 15 billion news articles scanned monthly.
  • 300,000 global news sources monitored daily.
  • 24/7/365 real-time risk monitoring.
  • 98% relevancy of alerts/optimized noise reduction.
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Collaborate to create a resilient enterprise

Save valuable time by making the right decisions. Proactively mitigate risk through collaboration across your organization and with suppliers.


  • Strengthen supply chain resilience.
  • Improve partner collaboration.
  • Ensure compliance and transparency.
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Managing ESG risk in your supply chain

As stakeholders demand ethical business practices, ESG criteria are crucial, along with sourcing and supply chain disclosures.


  • Partner penalties for corruption, price-fixing, etc.
  • Fines for waste and environmental pollution.
  • Human rights violations such as child labor and slavery.
  • Warnings for use or export of hazardous substances.
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How to get started with SCRM

With four steps, companies can begin their supply chain risk management journey. Effectively prevent and efficiently react to risk events.


ESG and Sphera SCRM

Businesses are beginning to recognize the need to incorporate ESG and sustainability considerations into their supply chain risk management strategies.


Supply chain risk report 2024

Understand the top five risks faced by enterprises and suppliers in 2023, as well as their causes and consequences.

Recognized as a supply chain leader

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50 Procurement Providers to Know


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World Procurement Leaders

Highly Commended Technology Innovation


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ProcureTech 100

Risk Management


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Supply Chain Transparency

Enhance resilience, drive performance and build a more transparent and responsible supply chain ecosystem at every tier.
May 7, 2024
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The significance of ESG regulations in today’s supply chain landscape

Learn how digital process safety management benefits all levels of an organization.
April 15, 2024
WO 132 2024 Risk report webinar

Extracting the Data: The State of Supply Chains in 2024

Join supply chain and regulatory experts for insights into the Report, including what businesses can do to prepare for…
April 8, 2024


Sphera’s Supply Chain Risk Management enables you to protect your business by detecting risk in real time.

What is Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)?

Supply Chain Risk Management or SCRM is an intentional process to identify, monitor and reduce internal and external risks to your supply chain. Sphera can help with AI-driven solutions, real-time monitoring and automation.

What are the benefits of Supply Chain Risk Management?

Supply Chain Risk Management is an essential tool for today’s businesses. Sphera can help you strengthen your supply chain resilience, ensure compliance and reduce risks.

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