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Compliance Incident Management

Compliance Incident Management (CIM) captures all relevant incident data. CIM comprehensively checks your supply chain for compliance-related violations and provides a holistic law overview. This enables you to monitor supply chain incidents that may violate regulatory requirements or internal sustainability goals and put you at greater financial or reputational risk.

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Ensure compliance and transparency. Creating transparency and maintaining compliance in the supply network remain a major challenge for purchasing and supply chain managers. The Compliance Incident Dashboard gives insights into a single view about all relevant incidents.

Monitor relevant incident data

Compliance Incident Management (CIM) monitors an overview of relevant supply chain risk and provides a holistic legal overview. It enables monitoring of the status of ongoing and completed remediation actions in Compliance Incident Tracking and allows communication with necessary stakeholders. The Compliance Incident Dashboard provides an overview of all relevant incidents. Compliance Incident Reporting contains regulatory relevant incidents and remediation actions. The report provides relevant information for communication with authorities.

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Monitor for risks and ensure compliance

With Compliance Incident Management (CIM), you can monitor your supply network for potential risks and ensure compliance to legal requirements.

Avoid liability risks: By integrating CIM and supply chain due diligence checks into a holistic risk management, you can adhere to supply chain law. Avoid fines, penalties and sanctions, as well as exclusion from public contracts.

Achieve transparency: Continuously monitor your supply network for potential risks and compliance requirements. Use artificial intelligence to automatically notify you of relevant risks in real time.

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Mitigate risks related to compliance incidents

Sphera’s CIM Dashboard provides visibility in a single view about all relevant incidents, and can help you take remedial actions and communicate this across the business and to suppliers. Use ready-made and customizable action plans in which preventive measures and responsibilities are already anchored.

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React faster

Prepare a catalog of action plans for various types of risk. You can react faster to violations or incidents.

Minimize supply chain due diligence risk

Have pre-built preventive and remedial action plans on hand for all kinds of risk. Customize plans easily to fit each use case.

Avoid fines & penalties

CIM automatically documents activities, so they can be shared with authorities or other external partners.

Report to authorities

Reporting enables comprehensive documentation of Compliance incidents and mitigation activities for communication with public authorities.


Sphera Supply Chain Risk Report 2024

We are pleased to introduce the inaugural Sphera Supply Chain Risk Report. This report explores the top five risks faced by enterprises and suppliers in 2023, as well as their causes and consequences.

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