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Consistent and reliable MDM for MRO

Improve the quality and consistency of spare parts, asset, raw materials, services and finished goods data across the enterprise with SpheraCloud Master Data Management for MRO.

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Make data work for you

Optimize supply chain

Enhance operational efficiency by minimizing errors and rework in parts orders. Cut expediting costs, reduce spend, boost productivity and gain insights for supplier rationalization.

Optimize inventory

Right-size inventory management by reducing duplicate items and excess inventory. Avoid stock-outs of critical MRO spares and manage slow-moving or obsolete parts for reuse or disposition.

Improve operational excellence

Reduce downtime and boost production availability to enhance overall productivity. Increase wrench-time efficiency while improving safety, compliance and reliability across operations.

Reduce carbon footprint and ESG impacts

Reduce the risk of regulatory fines, limit your environmental impact and protect your reputation by ensuring you’ve got the right part in the right place at the right time.

Over 2,800 customers across all industries have relied on our expertise and solutions for more than 30 years.


Explore the modules
in this suite

Our comprehensive Master Data Management (MDM) solution is designed to empower your organization with unparalleled data integrity and operational efficiency. The MDM suite comprises five essential modules, each tailored to address specific aspects of data management and optimization.

Data Transformation Software

Collect and convert data into clean, structured and deduplicated records.

Data Governance Software

Leverage rule-based workflows to maintain the integrity of data.

MRO Material Master Assessment Software

Assess the condition and quality of your data and its impacts on business.

Analyze and Report

Collect and analyze data from past performance and spot emerging trends.

MRO Data Quality Optimization Services

Manage MRO, materials, services, products and finished goods data.

ROI calculator

Plug in your basic catalog data and calculate the savings your company could experience through the use of Sphera’s MDM for MRO.

Data cleaning

MRO "White Glove" Data Cleansing Service

With Sphera’s MRO “White Glove” Data Cleansing Service, you can improve your MRO-related business process effectiveness. We offer services for large and small projects, as well as “steady state.” This involves MRO master data provisioned per your terms and your desired data standards, to be cleansed as a weekly or monthly service (steady state) and / or on a project basis.

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Unify and optimize MRO spare parts data across the enterprise

Improve data quality and consistency for spare parts, raw materials, assets, services and finished goods.


  • White glove MRO data onboarding, cleansing and structuring
  • Adaptation of data taxonomies with the best-in-class Standard Modifier Dictionary
  • Automated parsing and matching of data; advanced controls and auditing features
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Ensure efficient data governance

Leverage best-in-class Sphera MDM Foundations workflows, business rules and pre-defined roles to simplify data governance operational models.


  • Minimize duplicates, cut down on wasted time and enforce compliance.
  • Monitor line-item creation and modifications made within the database.
  • Control the process of communicating change requests.
  • Manage multiple ERP data within a single MDM.
  • Automatically sync records to multiple systems.
  • Complete audit trails and SLA tracking and reporting.
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Find and compare information quickly

Support the business with ease-to-use, simple User Experience with familiar find and compare functionality; data is built on standards for optimized search results.


  • Accessible information including URLs, documents, images and bills of materials (BOMs)
  • Real-time access to item inventory levels across multiple systems
  • Easy to identify searched items using photos in search results
  • Optimized for mobile devices
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Improve supply chain, inventory and operational excellence

Refined MRO master data is the fuel for business and the foundation for improving efficiencies across functional boundaries.


  • Report on inventory, spend and supply chain detail.
  • Improve Source-to-Pay processes and efficiencies.
  • Realize strategic improvements of purchase agreements and reduce spending.
  • Reduce prices paid for materials and the costs of purchasing.
  • Improve uptime, reliability and resilience for plant maintenance.
  • Reduce waste, expediting and carbon footprint.
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Solution Family on page images_MDM – Improve supply chain, inventory, and operational excellence

What is the Standard Modifier Dictionary?

Learn more about one of the most widely used and trusted standards for naming and describing master data management.


Top 7 Criteria for Next-Generation MDM for MRO

We outline the seven criteria essential for an MDM for MRO solution to produce strongest return on investment.


What is MRO and Why Is It Important?

Unveil the significance of MRO—its pivotal role in operational excellence, cost control, and seamless industrial processes.

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Through SpheraCloud, we provide software tools with broad & deep content and a team of experienced professionals to create an optimized approach to operational risk management.

What is master data management (MDM)?

Master Data Management (MDM) ensures accurate and consistent data across your organization and beyond to your business partners. Sphera can help you use MDM to access best-in-class data, optimize your supply chain and reduce risks.

Why is master data management important?

Master Data Management (MDM) is important to ensure your company has a central database of clean, accurate and consistent data. It also makes your business more secure and efficient. Sphera’s Master Data Management Software and Services can make MDM easier to implement.

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