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MRO Material Master Assessment

Evaluate MRO data status quo with Sphera MRO master data “health check” to quickly assess the condition and quality of your data and the probable impacts to business.

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State of the Union of your data quality. Determine the condition of your existing MRO database (completeness, consistency, compliance, consolidation, and correctness). Identify the current business practices that are systems-reliant upon this data. Understand relevant business practices and identify dependencies on data structure and standards for opportunities for improvement.

How bad is my data (really), and why?

Proper analysis of data against industry benchmarks and standards, along with a business impact assessment provides thematic pain-points and indicators of potential savings.


  • Data extracts are reviewed and profiled
  • Ideation workshops to learn pain points
  • Statistical, qualitative, and quantitative analysis
  • Charts, graphs, and evaluation
  • Report in the form of a presentation and a written report
  • Initial duplicate detection summary
  • Advisory in terms of bad data impacts, ROI potential
  • Recommendations to improve data quality
  • Consultation to help drive better business outcomes
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ORM Module Graphics_MMA – How Bad is My Data (Really), and Why

What is good data?

Perfect data is that which will facilitate successful business process execution with repeatability and consistency.


  • Conforms to data rules and standards, meets the KPIs defined in the technical dictionary (e.g., SMD)
  • Sphera SMD contains thousands of MRO ​templates based on unique nouns, modifiers, qualifiers, and technical characteristics
  • The first version was created in 1978 by Intermat, which was later acquired by IHS which became Sphera
  • SMD is owned and continuously improved by Sphera
  • With 45+ years of pedigree and history
  • Single most widely utilized and trusted MRO taxonomy
  • Consistent use of nomenclature, descriptions, and standards in your data
  • Across plants, across ERP systems and for parts within the same class or noun
  • Occurrences of duplicates or near-duplicates
  • Data validation for units of measure and data enrichment from trusted URLs
  • Use of codes, part numbers, material types, inventory data, plant data, sourcing data, reliability data and other identifying reference numbers and information, including OEM part information
  • Use of URLs, notes, purchasing text, images, and documents to supplement detailed technical information
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ORM Module Graphics_MMA – What is Good Data-

What does it take to have good data?

Once Sphera has performed an MMA, we provision an estimate of the effort required to meet data quality specifications.


  • Our experts make recommendations for improving and maintaining your data
  • We can do it for you, you can do it yourself, or we join forces
  • Develop scenarios for improving existing data governance practices
  • Review organizational data governance models and approaches
  • Industry best practices review
  • Business case development if in scope
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ORM Module Graphics_MMA – What Does it Take to Have Good Data


Understand your data

Get to know your business, discover the pains and problems, examine root causes related to data issues, understand the business impacts.

Learn what is good data

Good data is an asset, not a liability; it should be a catalyst that creates value by enabling successful business transactions.

Gain awareness of level of effort

Once the data quality gap is measured (via an MMA) [like examining land suitability for a building’s foundation] the blueprint can be established to create and manage “beautiful” data.

Data quality is a journey – data excellence is a lifestyle

Prevent data quality erosion and keep business performance excellence because good data is good business. Use best-in-class data standards in SMD to get the data clean. Engage business users with simple roles-based data governance workflows. Easily update and keep the data clean. Achieve better, data-driven outcomes.


Lessons learned from your data inform the Data Governance Operating Model for MRO

Talk with us to partner on your data quality journey! Let our Sphera MDM for MRO Professional Services experts advise you on the path – there’s nothing like getting your data right, and keeping it right, with the right, quick, easy deployment of MDM software. Our seasoned experts will work with you to utilize Sphera MDM Foundations for rapid time-to-value and a quality 1st time successful deployment. Incremental value-added capabilities can be added at your pace.

Start your Self-Assessment

What is the Standard Modifier Dictionary?

Learn more about one of the most widely used and trusted standards for naming and describing master data management.


Top 7 Criteria for Next-Generation MDM for MRO

We outline the seven criteria essential for an MDM for MRO solution to produce strongest return on investment.


What is MRO and Why Is It Important?

Unveil the significance of MRO—its pivotal role in operational excellence, cost control, and seamless industrial processes.


Biggest MRO ROI Drivers

Explore how MRO optimization can increase your ROI and improve the management of MRO inventory.

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Our enterprise-wide, fully integrated software reduces the likelihood of incidents and operational losses. Advanced software tools build workflows to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze health and safety information.

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Take advantage of Sphera’s Data Quality Optimization Services with our world-class “white glove” approach to achieve the greatest business results from your data.

Data Transformation

Seamlessly create clean MRO data and accelerate auto data capture using Scanner with Sphera’s Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD) for exceptional data quality.


Utilize powerful dashboards and reports to deeply understand MRO data quality and data governance KPIs, as well as supply chain and inventory MRO intelligence.

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