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Data Transformation

Seamlessly create clean MRO data and accelerate auto data capture using Scanner with Sphera’s Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD) for exceptional data quality.

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Use the Most Powerful MRO Transformation Platform. Originally developed in the 1970’s as Struxure by Intermat (20 years before UNSPSC V1) then improved by SparesFinder for MRO in the cloud, Sphera has re-invented the best technology in MDM for MRO to create, update, and modify structured parts data.

Scanner to parse and extract rich parts data

Intelligently analyzes and parses out attribute data from various sources like the web, catalogs, and legacy data.


  • Auto-detects nouns and modifiers for auto-classification
  • Auto-corrects for spelling, acronyms, abbreviations
  • Eliminates special characters and other anomalies
  • Aids in describing items consistently as per standards
  • On demand help to confirm information
  • Convert to supported language(s) instantly
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ORM Module Graphics_Data Transformation – Scanner to Parse and Extract Rich Parts Data

Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD)

With 45 years of legacy and pedigree Sphera SMD is what AI would build if it was perfect. Purpose-built for MRO and related master data, SMD accelerates perfect MRO master data.

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ORM Module Graphics_Data Transformation – Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD)

Duplicate detection automation

Duplicate parts causing excess inventory and a lack of visibility across plants; utilize fuzzy and exact matching.


  • Limited visibility of inventory and material for working capital use and spend analytics
  • Continued ordering and warehousing of obsolete parts and an inability to identify such parts
  • Longer order fulfillment times arising from poor item descriptions, which can lead to stock-outs
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ORM Module Graphics_Data Transformation – Duplicate Detection Automation


Right the First Time

Less time spent looking for the right part or service, which gives your teams more time to spend on completing their tasks.

Eliminate Duplicates

Reduce duplicate source of spare parts data.
Reduce creation of new duplicates and ordering parts already in stock.

Time to Value

Potential $20M+ first year savings, depending on industry and scale.

Highest Data Quality

Maintain data integrity with online, rules-based workflows. Having clean, standardized, and structured data helps companies manage inventory efficiently, keep plants more reliable (which are safer), lower costs and increase productivity.

Having clean, standardized, and structured data helps companies manage inventory efficiently, keep plants more reliable (which are safer), lower costs and increase productivity.


Top 7 Criteria for Next-Generation MDM for MRO

We outline the seven criteria essential for an MDM for MRO solution to produce strong return on investment by helping improve the quality of MRO master data to drive better outcomes for the business.

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What is the Standard Modifier Dictionary?

Learn more about one of the most widely used and trusted standards for naming and describing master data management.


What is MRO and Why Is It Important?

Unveil the significance of MRO—its pivotal role in operational excellence, cost control, and seamless industrial processes.


Biggest MRO ROI Drivers

Explore how MRO optimization can increase your ROI and improve the management of MRO inventory.

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Explore the modules
in this suite

Our enterprise-wide, fully integrated software reduces the likelihood of incidents and operational losses. Advanced software tools build workflows to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze health and safety information.

Data Governance

Govern MRO data easily with rules-driven workflows, use Finder to quickly search and compare MRO catalog data with natural language or technical terms, and eliminate duplicates.

MRO Material Master Assessment

Evaluate MRO data status quo with Sphera MRO master data “health check” to quickly assess the condition and quality of your data and the probable impacts to business.

Analytics and Reporting

Utilize powerful dashboards and reports to deeply understand MRO data quality and data governance KPIs, as well as supply chain and inventory MRO intelligence.

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