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Analytics and Reporting
for Intelligent MRO

Utilize powerful dashboards and reports to deeply understand MRO data quality and data governance KPIs, as well as supply chain and inventory MRO intelligence.

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Achieve actionable insights from intelligent MRO. Analyze and report spare parts, inventory, services, products, spend and supply chain detail; in one or multiple plants, in one or more ERPs, and other business systems. Our MDM for MRO software will help improve purchasing, reduce costs, and increase operational excellence and safety.

Spend analysis and supplier aggregation

Use golden MRO data linked to purchase history for any cross-section analysis to assist decision-making to reduce spend and to rationalize supplier network.


  • Cross-reference MRO parts to suppliers
  • Assure correct UNSPSC and other spend codes
  • Assign proper noun-modifier class
  • Examine supplier parent/child relationships
  • Check for alternative sources and risks
  • Validate supplier region / location data
  • Have correct plant extension information
  • Improve spend analysis for efficient supply chain operations
  • Helps to improve inventory balances
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ORM Module Graphics_Analytics and Reporting for MRO – Spend analysis and supplier aggregation

Inventory optimization and supply chain efficiency

With Sync Groups and perfect MRO data, use visibility to virtually eliminate critical spares stock-outs when it matters most and right-size inventory corporate-wide.


  • With MRP settings and plant-wise inventory levels
  • Gain a view of inventory usage and patterns to enable optimization
  • Reduce inventory bloat
  • Reduce slow-moving and obsolete parts
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • Reduce expediting
  • Reduce resource strain on supply chain
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ORM Module Graphics_Analytics and Reporting for MRO – Inventory optimization and supply chain efficiency

Governance SLAs and Data Quality Monitoring KPIs

Data governance organization effectiveness can be measured to achieve highest possible data quality, efficiently and effectively.


  • Improve data governance operational model
  • Track new part requests or updates to existing parts
  • Track elapsed time from date of request to completion
  • Measure manpower required
  • Built-in reports and standard dashboards
  • Check duplicates, incompletes, inconsistency, missing data
  • Check classification, spend codes and other KPIs
  • See trends over time
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ORM Module Graphics_Analytics and Reporting for MRO – Governance SLAs and Data Quality Monitoring KPIs


Reduce Spend and Rationalize Supply

High quality MRO master data improves business process execution for sourcing, contracting, spend analysis and procurement. Savings of 10 to 15% likely, direct to EBITDA.

Optimize Inventory and Reduce Working Capital

Perfect data leads to inventory balance (right sized) which is the best use of working capital. Use savings of 10 to 20% to reinvest in the business.

Governance and Data Quality Monitoring

Because high quality data has no “silver bullet”, because it is a journey, use reports and analytics as a compass to guide your toward better business outcomes.

Improve ESG Performance

Make important decisions about capital investments, labor utilization, asset performance, inventory levels, supplier rationalization and sourcing strategies, reliability and ESG facilitated by a single version of the truth for MRO master data.


Intelligent MRO for Actionable Data-Driven Insights

When it comes to Intelligent Asset Management for plant maintenance and operational excellence, having perfect MRO master data eliminates one of the reasons inhibiting success. When a critical equipment goes down knowing you’ve got the right parts on hand when it matters most increases production availability and OEE.


What is the Standard Modifier Dictionary?

Learn more about one of the most widely used and trusted standards for naming and describing master data management.


Top 7 Criteria for Next-Generation MDM for MRO

We outline the seven criteria essential for an MDM for MRO solution to produce strongest return on investment.


What is MRO and Why Is It Important?

Unveil the significance of MRO—its pivotal role in operational excellence, cost control, and seamless industrial processes.


Biggest MRO ROI Drivers

Explore how MRO optimization can increase your ROI and improve the management of MRO inventory.

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Explore the modules
in this suite

Our enterprise-wide, fully integrated software reduces the likelihood of incidents and operational losses. Advanced software tools build workflows to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze health and safety information.

Data Transformation

Seamlessly create clean MRO data and accelerate auto data capture using Scanner with Sphera’s Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD) for exceptional data quality.

Data Governance

Govern MRO data easily with rules-driven workflows, use Finder to quickly search and compare MRO catalog data with natural language or technical terms, and eliminate duplicates.

MRO Material Master Assessment (MMA)

Evaluate MRO data status quo with Sphera MRO master data “health check” to quickly assess the condition and quality of your data and the probable impacts to business.

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