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Supply Chain Due Diligence

ESG is no longer a choice, it is a business necessity. ESG regulations—including the UFLPA, CSDDD, German Supply Chain Law, CSRD and Scope 3—are shifting the requirements for supply chains. Organizations are compelled to monitor violations, manage risks, comply with requirements, and contribute to more sustainable and ethical supply chain operations.

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Sphera's all-in-one ESG-compliance solution for supply chains. On subscription. Immediate protection. Elevate your supply chain risk management strategy with the compliance power of Sphera’s Supply Chain Due Diligence. One subscription gets you everything you need to proactively identify and mitigate ESG-related risks in your supply chain, craft customizable action plans and collect compliance-ready data to support reporting.

Safeguard valuation with ESG protection

Company valuations are being directly tied to ESG performance. Through increased transparency throughout the entire supply chain, you avoid losses in sales and profitability, damage to your reputation and exclusion from public contracts.


Recognize risks and dangers before they become actual events. Through continuous monitoring, potential risks are identified at an early stage.


Build trust, maintain integrity, and verify that you comply with laws, to protect your reputation and reap benefits for your organization and your shareholders.

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SCT Module Graphics_DDB – Safeguard valuation with ESG protection

Unified ethical compliance hub

Centralize ethical compliance efforts in a digital hub for efficient monitoring, management, collaborative action planning and reporting. Simplify your service portfolio with Sphera data, software, and seasoned expertise.

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SCT Module Graphics_DDB – Unified ethical compliance hub


Seamlessly align with national and supranational ESG legislation for unrivaled compliance readiness. Ensure precise reporting that is tailored for regulations such as Scope 3, CSDDD, CSRD, UFLPA, UK Human Slavery Act, and LkSG.

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SCT Module Graphics_DDB – Regulatory-ready


Personalized action plans

Leverage preconfigured yet fully customizable risk action plans and view documentation of proactive steps taken as well as outstanding ongoing measures.

Automated supplier assessments

Automate supplier assessments, enrich risk score evaluations, and integrate survey results into partner profiles.

Precision alerts and noise cancellation

Fine-tuned noise cancellation feature processes millions potentially relevant risk indicators per month to feed you highly relevant alerts.

Regulatory reporting & disclosures

Capture and scrutinize all relevant incident data to ensure collected data is export-ready to support regulatory reporting.

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Navigating supply chains in an ESG world

Join supply chain and regulatory experts Benjamin Sutherland and Adam Lee for insights on managing supply chain risk in an ESG world. Learn how Sphera’s SCRM ESG Bundle can help future-proof your business, no matter where you are in your ESG journey.

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Explore the modules in the Supply Chain ESG Bundle

Risk Radar

Leverage the power of AI to map and proactively protect your supply network.

Action Planner

Make supply chain mitigation easier with more efficient collaboration.

Compliance Incident Management

Detect, monitor and mitigate ethical Supply Chain violations.

Sub-Tier Visibility

Achieve multi-tier risk tracking through automation and collaboration.

Human Rights Compliance Assessment

Comply with global human rights laws, identify and manage risk, and improve supplier social sustainability at scale.

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