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Act faster and take control of your risk.
Another busy day at work
Manage the risk of planned maintenance activities.
Increase transparency in your emissions calculations.
Actions and Remediations
Get real-time insights and make informed decisions.
Manage articles compliance across the product lifecycle.
Lower the administrative burden of the audit and inspection process.
Behavior-Based Safety
The tool takes advantage of Sphera’s First Report portal for simple and intuitive entry of Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) data.
Chemical Compliance Software
Manage ever-changing product regulations around the globe.
Chemical Inventory Management Software
Easily track and report on your chemical inventory.
circular economy consulting
Take the right steps to decouple your company’s growth from the consumption of finite resources.
Compliance Assurance
Our Compliance Assurance software helps you reduce your compliance burden and efficiently manage enterprise-wide compliance.
Young maintenance engineer team working in wind turbine farm at sunset
Efficiently manage contractors, ensure compliance with safety practices and reduce risk across the organization.
Control of Work for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)
Sphera’s Control of Work (CoW) for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) helps operators reduce risk, improve compliance and increase safety.
Coordination of ISSB and CSRD: Streamlining ESG Reporting for International Businesses
In an evolving global reporting landscape, businesses are under increasing pressure to consolidate, structure, and annually disclose their sustainability performance.
Calculate the size of your company’s carbon footprint and report it where required.
Building & Construction
Capture data manually or automatically through integrations.
Control of Work Software
Quickly find MRO, materials, services, products & finished goods.
Data Governance Software
Maintain the integrity of MRO, Materials, Services, Products & Finished Goods data with online, rule-based workflows.
Collect and convert MRO, Materials, Services, Products & Finished Goods data into clean, structured and deduplicated records.
Gain control over your scope 3 emissions and progress on your decarbonization journey.
Construction Site Inspector at the work site
Enable employees to access, acknowledge and sign off on the most up-to-date versions of important documents.
Bowtie Risk Software, operations logbook
Know where to intervene, what to prioritize and when to mitigate risk​.
productivity story
Be prepared to respond when it matters most.
Environmental Footprint (EF) Consulting
Create transparency and credibility in environmental performance.
Access the most comprehensive collection of emission factor libraries.
Sustainability Consulting
Implement and maintain an EMS according to EMAS/ISO 14001.
MDM Results at CertainTeed
Get the support you need to create Environmental Product Declarations.
Sustainability & ESG Strategy Development
Develop a roadmap for sustainable success with our ESG consulting experts.
Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FEMA) Software
Prevent quality, risk and reliability failures.
Hazardous Material Management System
Ensure total visibility and control from cradle to grave with our HMMS software.
Hazardous Materials Information Resource Management System
Leverage a central repository for information on hazardous materials.
Ensure proper disposal with approved and compliant resources.
wind turbines in a mountain range
With the growing interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, the environment, health and safety (EHS) software market is
Improving Safety Management: How to Implement and Audit OSHA and ISO Safety Programs
Reduce incident rates while responding quickly and confidently.
Refrigerant Compliance Plan
Keep work teams and contractors safe in demanding environments.
Sustainable Packaging Calculator, sustainability in packaging
LCA Automation builds on Sphera’s Product Sustainability capabilities, which include GaBi lifecycle assessment software and content.
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)
See the bigger picture of the environmental impact of your products.
Life Cycle Assessment Database
Enable updated, reliable and consistent environmental data.
Life Cycle Assessment Software
Work with the world’s leading life cycle assessment software.
EHS Audit Management Software
Control the impact of change on your people and operations.
Prioritize the most relevant topics and impacts.
Establish Reliable Data with MRO Software
Get a handle on your ​Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) master data​.
Occupational Risk Software
Identify and manage potential task-related occupational risks.
Control of Work Software
Before starting a shift, know what’s happened, what’s happening now, and what’s likely to occur during upcoming shifts.
P&ID Software
Mark up isolation diagrams, streamline and automate planning.
Hazardous Waste Management Software
Access a comprehensive source for packaging data.
regulatory compliance management software
Standardize work practices to ensure safe, efficient work execution.
Steer your portfolio toward greater sustainability.
Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) & HAZOP Software
Minimize risk exposure with the industry-leading PHA and HIRA software.
Process Safety Barrier Management Software
Understand the health of your safeguards today, tomorrow, and beyond – and enable proactive intervention.
Process Safety Management Software
Strengthen your risk assessment processes with our software for process safety risk.
Workers talking at oil refinery
Lock in a consistent approach to products and processes with our software for quality risk management.
Refrigerant Compliance
Simplify compliance with EPA and state regulations.
Regulatory Content – A Customer’s Perspective
With our Regulatory Compliance Software (CyberRegs) you can assess the impacts of regulatory changes to your business and simplify processes.
risk assessment software
Manage risk by bringing corporate and operational risk into a single application.
Proof your commitment to sustainability by setting a science based target.
Analyze and manage your carbon emissions across the entire value chain.
Safety Data Sheet management software
Ensure universal access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
Workers talking at oil refinery
Fortify your chemical facilities and infrastructure with our software for security and vulnerability analysis.
Software for Sustainable Product Design
Integrate product sustainability into product design.
In a fast-paced world, staying informed is key to mitigating risks and seizing opportunities. At Sphera, we've curated a guide
Manage the environmental impacts of your supply chain.
Sustainability Benchmarking
Assess your performance against competitors.
Live Webinar – Positioned for Success in Health and Safety Management
Identify and mitigate environmental risks at an early stage.
Sustainability Reporting and Compliance Software
Enable transparent and audit-proof sustainability management and reporting.
Define the most relevant SDGs to your company with our proven SDG Consulting.
Sustainable Packaging Calculator, sustainability in packaging
Reduce the environmental impact of your product packaging.
Establish an on-going processes for adding value through sustainability.
Optimize your action tracking to meet your sustainability targets.
Ensure the right people have the right skills.
Waste Management Software
Achieve full transparency of your waste and transform data into insights.
Transform wastewater emissions data into actionable insights.
Simplify multi-level approval workflows for sustainability data collection.