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Sub-Tier Visibility

Sub-tier Visibility visualizes the process of monitoring and alerting n-tier supply chains within Sphera SCRM. With supplier-validated supply sites, you can confidently map sub-tier dependencies and more accurately expose threats in your sub-tiers before they become critical.

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Collaborate with suppliers for end-to-end visibility. Receive indicator messages and alerts concerning direct suppliers as well as sub-tier suppliers; visualize supply chain dependencies on a digital world map; and reveal risky situations across multiple tiers so you can drive better decisions earlier

Get full visibility of all corporate and operational risks

Managing company risks in one central application enables you to rapidly initiate complete, coordinated responses. Your team can identify key factors quickly because contextual data is automatically populated, keeping data entry to a minimum. The solution is designed to enable specificity, speed and focus.

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SCRM Module Graphics_Sub Tier Visibility – Get Full Visibility of All Corporate and Operational Risks 

Automated invitation process

By inviting your tier-1 suppliers to join Supply Risk Network, your suppliers can securely share their supplier information, so everyone gains true visibility into the joint multi-tier supply network.

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SCRM Module Graphics_Sub Tier Visibility – Automated invitation process

Verified sub-tier relations

Transparency into tier-1 supplier sites, supply paths to tier 2, and tier-2 supplier locations provide accurate multi-tier transparency.

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SCRM Module Graphics_Sub Tier Visibility – Verified Sub Tier Relations’


Supply chain resiliency

By inviting suppliers to participate and share data within Supply Risk Network, you enable them to be more risk aware.

Save time & money

Automated time-consuming manual collection of risk information. Avoid contractual fines and penalties from missed deliveries.

Extended value

Gaining multi-tier risk insights lets you extend the value of Sphera SCRM for risk tracking, alerts, and mitigation at the sub-tier level, so you do understand the criticality of risk events in your sub-tiers. This reduces the cost of mitigating risk and helps keep production lines running.

Identify risk sooner

By gaining visibility of risk throughout multiple tiers of your supply base, you can identify risk sooner. You can react faster and reduce bottlenecks through collaborative visualization of your sub-tier risk exposure.

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Sphera Supply Chain Risk Report 2024

We are pleased to introduce the inaugural Sphera Supply Chain Risk Report. This report explores the top five risks faced by enterprises and suppliers in 2023, as well as their causes and consequences.

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