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Managed LCA Content

Power your decision-making with the most reliable, industry-driven environmental data.

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Data quality is an essential part of the Sphera process as it ensures legal dependability, accuracy, completeness as well as consistency for making informed decisions.

Broaden your access to data

Boost your access to the data you need with streamlined data integration. Additionally, you can access:

  • Third-party LCI databases
  • Data-on-Demand services for custom datasets specific to your needs
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Certified by DEKRA

To ensure consistency and quality of our LCA data, we have implemented a critical review process from third-party reviewers. A key element of our third-party review process is the collaboration with DEKRA, the world’s largest independent non-listed expert organization in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector.

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Optimize performance with premium data

Our Managed LCA Content database offers over 20,000 process datasets that include 1,000 models. With access to datasets from over 60 industry associations that are modeled with Sphera’s Managed LCA Content, you gain a stronger foundation for your life cycle decisions.

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Superior data at your fingertips

Extensive coverage

Contains thousands of LCI datasets covering various industries, including energy, transportation, materials, chemicals, packaging, electronics, and more.

High quality

Datasets are developed and maintained by experts, ensuring they are accurate, up-to-date, and based on scientifically robust methodologies.

Global scope

Access data that reflect regional differences in production processes and energy mixes, allowing for geographically specific LCA studies.


Webinar: 2024 Managed LCA Content Annual Update

This webinar will give you a focused overview of the updates, improvements and new datasets in Sphera’s MLC and give you a glimpse of how these changes will enhance your experience.

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in this suite

Our full suite of integrated LCA solutions, data, and consulting services can help your team meet your product sustainability goals.

LCA for Experts

Combine your expert knowledge with the world’s most robust LCA database.

LCA Automation

Automatically measure and manage your company’s environmental footprint.

Sustainability Consulting

Get consulting support for your unique sustainability performance needs.



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Sustainable Product Development Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Watch our webinar and hear from Sphera’s experts: LCA Automation Webinar.
June 13, 2024

Explore our data bundles

With over 20,000 datasets, Sphera’s MLC is grouped into 13 standard bundles and 8 premium bundles.

Professional Core

Our Professional Core database is the entry point for all Sphera LCA software users into Sphera’s Managed LCA Content (MLC) and aims to provide a comprehensive LCI data foundation for LCA beginners as well as LCA experts. This database covers a wide range of industry sectors such as chemicals, energies and metals. Multiple geographies, materials, manufacturing processes, transportation methods and disposal options are represented. Among the 5,600 datasets you can find a variety of aggregated, partly aggregated, unit process datasets as well as plan models in order to either start of your LCA journey or enhance your existing models with high quality background data. The Professional Core database incorporates Sphera and association/industry data.


Our chemicals bundle consists of over 400 datasets, mainly large volume organic and inorganic chemicals as well as commonly used industry coatings. It expands our chemical LCI data present in the Professional Core database with a variety of different materials, regions and technologies and enhances your insights by regionalized chemical value chains to enable in-depth evaluation of your supply network.


Gain access to our Metals bundle and discover over 180 LCI datasets for metals including information on iron, steel, aluminium as well as non-ferrous metals and a variety of alloys, primary and secondary production technologies across several countries and regions.

Electrics and Electronics

Discover our Electrics and Electronics LCI bundle consisting of 340 datasets tailored to the rapidly developing electric and electronicis field. Covering a wide array of devices, components, manufacturing processes, ICs, diodes, cables as well as rare earth metals and oxides, it is designed to provide a comprehensive accurate and up-to-date LCI to empower your business with insights for meeting regulatory requirements or drive sustainable change in your own production or supply network. A highlight within this bundle is a parameterized populated printed wiring board model which can be customized to your specific needs.


Explore our Plastics bundle with over 250 datasets and models for plastics and bioplastics with a broad geographical coverage for several countries and regions. Gain insights in various types of plastics, geographical production differences and make use of different end-of-life datasets to enhance your LCA models.

Manufacturing and End of Life (EoL)

Discover comprehensive environmental impact information on different manufacturing technologies and end of Life scenarios in our Manufacturing and End of Life bundle. With over 930 LCI datasets and parameterized models a variety of manufacturing processes and machinery as well as product and region specific waste treatments such as incinerations, landfills, hazardous waste treatments, recycling technologies and waste water treatments can be leveraged to enhance the quality of your sustainability projects.

Food and Renewables

Our Food and Renewables bundle is designed to provide you with relevant LCI data for the renewables sector. It contains over 580 datasets detailing the environmental footprints of diverse food and feed products and services across global regions, such as crops, fertilizers, and field technique data.

Textiles and Seat Covers

Our Textiles and Seat Covers bundle includes over 340 datasets and models empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions, driving innovation and responsible practices within the textile and automotive sectors.


Elevate your construction LCA with over 2,700 datasets in our Construction bundle, empowering you to optimize your construction processes, build models for Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and foster sustainable development practices in the building & construction environment. This product contains LCI information of minerals, wood, steel, glass, insulation, and more for a variety of geographies as well as company provided EPDs to enable you taking data-driven decisions.

Full US

Tailored specifically for the North American market, our Full US bundle consists of over 1,800 LCI datasets designed to empower your business in taking informed decisions on your North American supply network. The bundle contains information from all different sectors such as chemicals, plastics, metals, construction, end-of-life (and more) for products produced and services provided in the United States.


Covering over 360 datasets the India bundle is specifically tailored for organizations working in India or using Indian products and covers diverse sectors while taking into account the unique environmental factors of the region.

Carbon Composites

Enhance your R&D and engineering processes with the Carbon Composites bundle provided by our development partner Fraunhofer that consists of 175 LCI datasets targeting specific carbon composite manufacturing processes and products. Both unit process data as well as aggregated cradle to gate datasets support you in the environmental evaluation of alternative high-strength light-weight materials.

Materials produced with 100% renewable electricity

With over 120 datasets the Materials produced with 100% renewable electricity bundle targets next generation materials. The bundle offers comprehensive insights into the environmental footprint of materials manufactured using sustainable energy sources across their lifecycle stages to help facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable and renewable energy-powered world.

Premium Chemicals

Our Premium Chemicals bundle is designed to complement and complete the Professional Core DB and Chemicals Bundle with an expanded variety of materials, production technologies and an even greater geographical coverage. It consists of over 2,300 datasets for a comprehensive in-depth analysis of the chemical sector and includes highlights such as synthetic graphite and an expansions for Chinese petro- and coal-based chemicals.

Premium Energy

MLC’s Premium energy database bundle, is the most consistent, comprehensive and up-to-date LCI database for energy products in the market. Based on complex models beginning at the extraction of resources such as crude oil, hard coal or the cultivation of biomass, the +1,600 datasets are representing the technological and economical status quo of energy products including electricity grid mixes, electricity from “energy carriers”, thermal energy and process steam from “energy carriers”, crude oil refinery products, fuels, biofuels, etc for more than 100 countries and regions. Further, to enable your Scope 1-3 calculations specific energy datasets are divided into direct and indirect LCIs resp. Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

Premium Food and Renewables

Our Premium Food and Renewables bundle complements the Food and Renewables bundle containing over 500 additional datasets including environmental impact data for wood and wood based products, synthetic leather and an expanded selection of agricultural crops. It also includes our new LCI datasets for the pulp and paper production, covering different pulping technologies such as kraft pulping, mechanical pulping and recycled fiber / deinked pulping from integrated and non-integrated mills as well as a variety of finished paper (e.g., office paper, packaging paper) and board products (e.g., SBB, SUB, FBB, WLC).

Premium Metals

Learn more about the environmental impacts of the metal industry with our Premium Metals database bundle, adding additional >360 datasets to your scope of analysis for a wide variety of metals such as steel and steel alloys, stainless steel, Magnets (e.g., Nd-Fe-Dy-B) and more across different countries and regions.

Premium Plastics

Within our Premium Plastics database bundle you can find over 350 LCI datasets featuring environmental impact data for the manufacturing and use of various plastics across countries such as US and China.

Premium Construction

Expand your data capability with additional 350 premium datasets covering a greater geographical scope by accessing our Premium Construction bundle providing you further insights on construction materials.

Premium Manufacturing and End of Life (EoL)

With our Premium Manufacturing and End of Life you will gain access to additional 300 datasets including the latest LCI data regarding chemical recycling of plastic wastes such as pyrolisis oil, naphtha, hydrogen, and more. Further, it also contains specific EoL scenarios for a diverse range of products such as for different types of papers.

Premium Electrics and Electronics

Access with our Premium Electrics and Electronics bundle over 350 additional datasets and models elevating your sustainability efforts with state-of-the-art LCI data for the electric and electronics industry. Gain insights into different types of semi-conductors, connectors, further rare earth elements, battery components such as a Li-ion battery and models for recycling of metals.

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