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LCA Automation Software

Perform LCAs at scale, automatically.

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Measure and manage your entire portfolio’s environmental footprint automatically and support your Scope 3 initiatives.

Full automation of LCAs

Ability to generate and analyze product environmental footprints

Increased transparency

Supports data-driven decisions that support your climate goals


LCAs created automatically across large product portfolios

Backed by data

Leverage Sphera’s Managed LCA Content database of over 20,000 process datasets

LCA Automation for Process Manufacturing

Complete Environmental Footprint allowing you to assess carbon footprint, global warming potential, land use, acidification, eutrophication, water use and more.

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LCA Automation for Discrete Manufacturing

Built on the existing foundation of LCA BOM Import, this solution automates the production of LCAs for products with complex production networks.

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LCA Automation for Chemical Manufacturing

This solution takes into account complex data networks and systems to automatically assemble full LCAs across all products.

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Traditional LCA creation versus LCA Automation

Our maturity curve can help you see where you are on your product sustainability journey. We can help you meet your goals no matter where you are.


How LCA Automation works with your systems

Learn more about how Sphera’s LCA Automation solution integrates with your existing infrastructure to create LCAs at scale.


The ESG shift: LCA Automation is now business critical

While regulations pose a challenge for businesses, LCAs can help. But many businesses don’t have a robust LCA program for their entire product portfolio.

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Sphera Managed LCA Content Annual Update

Get a focused overview of the updates, improvements and new datasets in Sphera’s MLC.
April 17, 2024

Automating LCAs for Complex Products

Learn about LCA Automation for Discrete Manufacturing.
February 26, 2024

LCA Automation

Watch this video to learn how Sphera can help you meet your Product Sustainability and decarbonization goals!
November 16, 2023
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