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LCA Automation Chemical Manufacturing

Portfolio-wide LCAs for chemical industries.

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Chemical manufacturers have unique sustainability challenges. A solution that addresses those challenges and allows you to perform LCAs at scale is now available.

LCA Automation for Chemical Manufacturing

Meet your decarbonization goals while improving stakeholder transparency with LCA Automation.

  • Get real-time insights into your product portfolios’ impact.
  • Our industry-tailored solution meets the complex needs of the chemical sector.
  • Calculate and reduce your environmental footprint with ease
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Meet your carbon neutrality commitments with LCA Automation

Full automation of LCAs

Ability to generate and analyze product environmental footprints

Increased transparency

Make data-driven decisions that support your climate goals


LCAs created automatically across large product portfolios

Backed by data

Leverage Sphera’s Managed LCA Content database of over 20,000 datasets


How chemical manufacturers can leverage new technology to achieve carbon neutrality

Understand how LCA Automation works with your existing systems to generate portfolio-wide LCAs in a fraction of the time compared to manual processes. Plus, hear about how Eastman Chemicals has leveraged LCA Automation as a key part of their sustainability program.

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