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Enhance your safety culture with Incident Management Software

Ensure safety with a software interface that leads users through each step of reporting an incident, near miss or any observation that could be a potential risk.

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Lead with accurate and up-to-date safety data. Our software empowers your workforce to report incidents, near misses and observations, fostering a deep understanding of safety risks. By analyzing this data, determining root causes and implementing corrective actions, it enables proactive safety strategies that effectively prevent future incidents.

First Report ensures accurate incident reporting

Our First Report portal enables your entire workforce to accurately report events and observations.

  • Accessible from any location at any time
  • Easy to use with mobile, touchscreen and kiosk devices
  • Works without a specific user account
  • Allows anonymous reporting
  • Increases reporting adoption
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EHS&S Module Graphics_Incident Management -First Report ensures accurate incident reporting

Empower your safety culture through technology

Drive a culture of continuous reporting and improvement by providing a simple, user-friendly tool for incident reporting.

  • Investigate reported incidents based on data.
  • Identify root causes.
  • Take corrective action.
  • Analyze trends to prevent future events.
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EHS&S Module Graphics_Incident Management – Empower your safety culture through technology

Effortless reporting: Unleash efficiency

Gain reporting efficiencies and save time with our SpheraCloud software.

  • Analyze incidents and address risk at a local and global level.
  • Automate repeatable tasks using smart alerts and risk aggregation.
  • Benefit from our integrated SpheraCloud platform, which offers more health and safety software.
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EHS&S Module Graphics_Incident Management – Effortless reporting- Unleash efficiency

Measures of success

Learn how Co-op implemented a safety system that helps minimize serious incidents, identify underlying trends and improve safety performance.


Accurate safety data is key

Find out how protecting your workforce with intelligent safety data makes the case for using the latest technology.

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