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Environmental Impact Calculation

Reduce the complexity of your emissions baseline calculation.

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Sphera's Environmental Impact Calculation module helps establish your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baseline, integrating diverse emission factors from varied sources with different methodologies and update frequencies. It streamlines data management and accommodates reporting and emission factor criteria.

Built-in emission factors simplify your GHG emissions calculation

Impact libraries are kept current and provide emission factors from external sources like Defra, IEA, EPA, IPCC, and GHG Protocol, alongside in-house LCA-based sustainability factors.

  • Factors updated annually
  • Automatic notifications of updates
  • Discretion as to when you choose to load
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EHS&S Module Graphics_Environmental Impact Calculation – Built-in emission factors

Stronger GHG reporting starts with Sphera’s market-leading
LCA database

Multiple decades of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) modeling experience to provide over 1,500 emission factor sets in the MLC library. It gives you the best possible source for your Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions calculations.

  • Go beyond GHG accounting
  • Address other impact categories
  • Examples include NOx, particulate matter (PM) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
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EHS&S Module Graphics_Enviromental Impact Calculation – market-leading LCA database

Customize emission factor libraries to meet your needs

Sphera’s software calculates custom emissions with tailored factor libraries. Add unique sets for your company, industry, or regions.

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EHS&S Module Graphics_Enviromental Impact Calculation – Customize emission factor libraries

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