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Materiality and Double Materiality Assessment Services

Focus your strategy and disclosures on the most relevant ESG topics.

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Identify the critical sustainability issues that matter to your company and your stakeholders quickly and cost-effectively. Rely on Sphera's extensive experience and methodological expertise in (double) materiality assessment.

Gain a new perspective for impactful ESG strategy and reporting

Take advantage of (double) materiality assessment to address stakeholder concerns and meet investor expectations. This targeted approach will improve your sustainability reporting and strengthen internal and external commitment to your ESG strategy. To sharpen your ESG focus, Sphera’s sustainability experts can help you:

  • Select potentially material issues.
  • Identify relevant stakeholder groups.
  • Draft a stakeholder map.
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Recognize risks and opportunities early

Conducting a (double) materiality assessment helps you identify the issues or expectations that can have a significant impact on your revenue, brand reputation, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance – now and in the future. Using Sphera’s approach to materiality assessment, our consultants will work with you to:

  • Identify key ESG topics relevant to your business and stakeholders.
  • Consider both the financial and impact perspectives.
  • Ensure proactive and informed decision-making.
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Set a material reporting foundation to comply with regulations

Materiality assessment is increasingly common and considered best practice in the context of the sustainability reporting standards (GRI, ISSB/IFRS) and disclosure regulations such as the EU’s CSRD/ESRS. By working with our experts, you will:

  • Align with key standards and frameworks.
  • Identify relevant aspects and indicators for reporting.
  • Leverage expert insights for accurate reporting.
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