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Integrated Material Management

Siemens Teamcenter Integrated Material Management (IMM) offers holistic management of material data throughout your enterprise, supporting all material aspects across the product life cycle within the PLM process context.

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Material innovation is key to success for any product today. To stay competitive and meet consumer demands for robust, compliant and sustainable products, many leading industries -- including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and semiconductor -- have chosen IMM to achieve the challenges of managing the materials in a digital centralized way within Teamcenter and in different integrated CAD systems.

Seamless Material Management

Effortlessly manage materials across the product structure, roll up material mass, and support engineering processes with Integrated Materials Management.


  • Track product structure down to materials and substances.
  • Aggregate material and substance quantities across the structure.
  • Facilitate management of material engineering properties for design, analysis, and manufacturing.
  • Centralize material information from various applications within the Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio.
  • Import material data from different data silos including third-party data systems like MatSphere, Granta, Wiam, and Campus.
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Enhance compliance efforts

Optimize product compliance with streamlined processes and enhanced data integrity.


  • Track and manage product weight for optimal efficiency (e.g., fuel efficiency).
  • Proactively manage direct and indirect material costs to boost profitability.
  • Manage product variety, material variability, and associated complexity.
  • Enhance material data interoperability with suppliers.
  • Improve manufacturing processes and quality.
  • Reduce time preparing material data for various analyses (structural, crash, thermal, etc.).
  • Enhance material data integrity and reduce errors in handling parts with multiple materials.
  • Streamline tracking and reporting of regulated substances, conflict materials, and recyclable content.
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Streamlined compliance solutions

Achieve seamless data integration, enhance quality, and unlock new value with our Material Compliance solution.


  • Integrate data across the product lifecycle to overcome silo challenges and meet innovation targets.
  • Improve quality by tracing material aspects throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Elevate your digital enterprise strategy with enriched materials data.
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Product Stewardship Module Graphics_Intergrated materials management – Streamlined compliance solutions


Standardized processes

Ensure uniform material processes and procedures across industries like Automotive, Aerospace, and Healthcare.

Enhanced Visibility

Gain insight into material aspects across the enterprise, promoting transparency and informed decision-making.

Unified Operations

Ensure consistency in material management and operations across various business functions for streamlined processes.

Efficient Collaboration

Facilitate smooth information exchange on material aspects leveraging core Teamcenter capabilities for collaboration.


Optimizing material lifecycle

Siemens Teamcenter Integrated Material Management (IMM) offers a comprehensive solution for managing materials throughout their lifecycle. It addresses materials data management needs by enabling tracking and management down to the substance level. With the ability to integrate and connect with third-party material data systems and import materials from various sources, Siemens Teamcenter IMM provides a gold-standard materials library for enterprise-wide use. Designers can easily search, filter, select, and assign materials to parts in different CAD systems like NX. When saved back to Siemens Teamcenter, the relations between parts and their assigned materials are created, including corresponding calculated mass. Siemens Teamcenter IMM empowers the creation of innovative, superior products.

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