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LCA Calculator

Boost your productivity by enabling non-experts to run LCAs.

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A cloud-based solution that enables non-expert stakeholders to create LCAs and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

A snapshot version of the LCA for Experts Software

The tool provides swift calculation of LCAs and EPDs. This empowers non-experts to gain valuable insights into your products from cradle to grave.

  • Simplified LCA modeling
  • Comprehensive data integration
  • Customizable reports
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A complete life cycle assessment in just a few steps

Sphera’s LCA Calculator is an intuitive software solution that enables you to quickly and accurately understand the sustainability performance of products and compare alternatives.

  • Reduce time and costs
  • Design more sustainable products
  • Enhance your brand
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Improve environmental performance across your product life cycle

Compare scenarios

Model and evaluate product design alternatives to create more sustainable products.

Power decisions

Make sustainability decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

Generate reports

Create and share customized environmental reports with one click.


Saint-Gobain Case Study

Learn how Saint-Gobain is using LCA Calculator in conjunction with LCA for Experts to drive their EPD program.


Scope 3 Emissions: Why Quality Data Matters

Climate change is an unavoidable reality. For decades, scientists and activists have tried to shed light on this global crisis, and those efforts are finally taking hold. Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency when it comes to sustainable business practices.

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Sustainable Product Development Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Watch our webinar and hear from Sphera’s experts: LCA Automation Webinar.
June 13, 2024

Sphera Managed LCA Content Annual Update

Get a focused overview of the updates, improvements and new datasets in Sphera’s MLC.
April 17, 2024

Automating LCAs for Complex Products

Learn about LCA Automation for Discrete Manufacturing.
February 26, 2024
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