Sphera LCA Education Program

Supporting the next generation of LCA professionals.

Building a safer, more sustainable and productive world is at the core of everything we do at Sphera,

which is why we offer our LCA for Experts software for free or at a discount for use in academic settings. Helping the sustainability leaders of tomorrow learn the ins and outs of life cycle assessments is one of the ways we are building a more sustainable future.

Our free version of LCA for Experts gives you access to state-of-the art LCA software, extensive databases containing both Sphera datasets and the free USLCI datasets and access to free training tools.

The reduced cost version provides our standard LCA for Experts software, LCI databases, and the ability to purchase additional datasets at deeply reduced costs. Both perpetual and subscription license models are available to meet your research requirements and your budget.

GaBi Tablet

How to qualify:

To qualify for a free license you must be:

  • A student currently enrolled in a university
  • A professor currently teaching at the university or collegiate level
  • A PhD candidate in a non-OECD country
  • This version of the software can only be used for educational purposes in programs up to and including the Master’s Degree level at an accredited university or college.
Projects directly funded by industry or public entities are not eligible for this version of the software.

To qualify for a reduced cost license you must be:

  • A student, PhD candidate, or academic researcher for publicly funded LCA research
  • Industry funded projects require a standard LCA for Experts license