Hazardous Material Management for the U.S. Government

Software designed for the complex landscape of managing hazardous materials from cradle to grave.

Reduce Expense and Risk with Hazardous Materials Management Software

Government organizations using hazardous materials must deal with complex environmental regulations for the acquisition, handling and disposal of materials, which comes with complex business challenges and significant costs. Optimizing performance must be balanced with meeting compliance requirements and employee safety — and that’s where HMMS software comes into play.

More Efficiently Monitor Hazardous Materials Inventory from Cradle to Grave

Sphera’s solutions for government services provide Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability professionals the information and insights that optimize inventory and waste management, mitigate risks and improve bottom-line cost savings across the entire lifecycle of hazardous materials.


Achieve cradle-to-grave visibility of hazardous materials and comply with environmental reporting and permit requirements.


Streamline and standardize end-to-end processes for improved efficiency.


Improve interoperability, reduce multiple interfaces and retire legacy systems for more audit-ready enterprise-level system functionality.


Adhere to Department of Defense (DoD) audit goal of leveraging technology to gain efficiencies.

The Only Hazardous Material Management Software

Our solutions for government agencies offer complete visibility and control, so you can comply efficiently with regulatory requirements, optimize your process and keep your team safe.

Hazardous Material Management System

Manage chemicals across the lifecycle including pre-acquisition, documentation, issue, reuse and disposal.

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Hazardous Material Information Resource System

Handle, store, transport, use, or dispose of hazardous materials according to the authoritative source for SDS and other value-added information.

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Hazardous Waste Management Software

Develop, solicit, award and administer high-quality contract solutions for hazardous waste disposal and services.

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Performance Oriented Packaging

Access DOD-tested packaging configurations that conform to UN Specifications for shipment of non-bulk hazardous materials.

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Professional Services to Support Every Mission With Your Technology Needs in Mind

The HMMS portfolio is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure GovCloud platform and is FedRamp Certified, using the standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring. The Risk Management Framework security controls are also utilized as an organization-wide information security program. Sphera’s products for government services are the only hazardous material management software solutions developed in partnership with the U.S. Defense Department user community, and have been awarded the GSA IT Schedule 70.

Our team of Hazardous Materials Technicians can complement your current procurement processes to identify and manage the impacts and compliance requirements of hazardous materials.

Our History With the U.S. Government

Since 1993, the Hazardous Material Management System has been deployed throughout the Department of Defense with a customer base that spans the U.S. and Japan, including the Department of the Navy, U.S. Army, NASA, DLA, and the U.S. Marine Corps.

Once DLA took over HMMS in 2015, they partnered with Sphera to implement new application technologies under the program including Hazardous Materials Information Resource Management System (HMIRS), Hazardous Waste Disposition (HWD) and Performance Oriented Packaging (POP). These applications comprise the portfolio of hazardous materials management application technologies developed and maintained by Sphera and offered through DLA today.

Sphera has been a trusted Defense Logistics Agency Information Operations and DLA Logistics Operations partner for almost 30 years, with software solutions that help the combat support agency meet its hazardous materials and hazardous waste management objectives. The HMMS Program Management Office manages the portfolio of applications that the DLA manages for itself and its customers.

The nation’s top federal agencies depend on us.

“Making purchase and inventory decisions based on accurate data led to a 19% year-over-year decrease in containers wasted.”

Material Expeditor
U.S. Military Maintenance Facility

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