LCA Software Training Videos

Part 2: Scenario Modeling for Eco-Design

Chapter 1

What is Scenario Modelling


Chapter 2



Chapter 3

Building the Scenario Interface


Chapter 4

Creating Scenario Groups and Scenarios


Chapter 5

Establishing the I-report Start Settings


Chapter 6

Creating Collapsible Sections


Chapter 7

Getting the Model Done


Chapter 8

Creating Drop-Down Menus


Chapter 9

Creating Sliders and Setting Min and Max Values


Chapter 10

Activating a Scenario, Viewing the Plan and the LCIA Preview


Chapter 11

Creating an I-Report With an Existing Template


Chapter 12

Building the I-Report |
Inserting a Diagram


Chapter 13

Building the I-Report |
Inserting a Table


Chapter 14

Building the I-Report |
Structure, Appearance and Editing


Chapter 15

Saving a Report


Chapter 16

Exporting an I-Report