Corporate Sustainability Software

Rely on the world’s leading corporate sustainability software.

Streamline Sustainability Management and Reporting

Sustainability is a primary focus today as stakeholders prioritize ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. Yet evaluating your company’s sustainability performance is a complex challenge. Accurate data from multiple sources throughout the company must be collected and disclosed—and the standards to track and respond to are often changing.

Gain complete insight into your carbon footprint / greenhouse gas emissions and more with our comprehensive sustainability reporting software.

Simplified Management of Ambitious Goals

Our Corporate Sustainability Software (former SoFi Software) enables professional reporting and advanced performance management. Featuring: automated data collection, powerful reporting tools, advanced planning and the most comprehensive source of sustainability data available globally, our sustainability management software makes reporting and performance management precise, efficient and easy.

Embedded Sustainability DNA

You can rely on the world’s leading sustainability reporting software to manage reporting and compliance across the enterprise.

Enterprise Scale

Designed from the ground up for enterprise wide implementation, you can respond to a multitude of reporting needs.

Powerful Reporting and Advanced Performance Analytics

Provide sustainability information in a professional and transparent way for accurate and efficient ESG and sustainability reporting.

Best-in-Class Sustainability Data Management

Respond to a multitude of reporting frameworks, including the new ESG framework that accompanies increased investor interest.

Insights to Improve Corporate Sustainability Performance

Our sustainability reporting software helps you proactively manage performance, which can deliver real benefits to your corporate reputation, brand equity and future accessibility of capital:

Sustainability Reporting and Compliance

Automated data capture, fully transparent metrics and audit trails make it easier to profile risks and improve efficiency.

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Performance Management
and Improvement

 Identify gaps between targets and actual performance, so you can focus on bettering the most strategic areas.

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Emissions Management Software

Access the most comprehensive collection of emission factor libraries.

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Corporate Sustainability Software

Corporate Sustainability Brochure

Companies are increasingly focused on sustainability as stakeholders across the value chain prioritize Environmental, Social and Governance goals.

B2B customers, end-users, employees, business partners, governments and NGOs and, more recently, investors are all interested in understanding and evaluating a company’s sustainability performance.

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Sustainability Reporting Software

Many enterprises look for a high quality sustainability reporting software. We believe, that a corporate sustainability software should go beyond reporting capabilities and provide advanced performance management capabilities.

Learn in our video why Lumileds decided to choose our sustainability reporting software on their path to even greater sustainability.

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Digital Transformation Empowers Sustainability Decisions

Digital Transformation Empowers Sustainability Decisions

COVID-19 has transformed the future of business. Despite all the negative consequences, the pandemic has initiated some encouraging changes.

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