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Sustainability and ESG Reporting

Management and performance improvement of sustainability data is key to start ESG reporting and achieve ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. Evaluating your company’s sustainability performance can be challenging due to the complexity of required Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data from multiple sources and changing standards for management and disclosures.

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From Best-In-Class Sustainability and ESG Reporting to Performance Management

Our software provides a solution-at-scale for large organizations based on deep expertise and a broad experience of customer situations. You can respond to a multitude of reporting frameworks and stakeholder initiatives and easily comply with the new ESG reporting framework that aligns with increased investor interest. It enables companies to provide sustainability information professionally and transparently to complement financial reporting, using insights to improve corporate sustainability performance as a foundation to execute a sound net-zero strategy.

Management and Reporting Software

Enables transparent and audit-proof sustainability management and reporting to reduce the risk of non-compliance and related financial consequences. Accurately quantify your emissions baseline to solve the carbon accounting challenges on your decarbonization journey.

Performance Management and Improvement

Identifies gaps between defined targets and actual performance, analyzes performance and helps you implement efficient reduction strategies and track progress to Net Zero.

Environmental Impact Calculation Software

Access the most comprehensive collection of emission factor libraries. Enhance and simplify your Corporate Sustainability Management and Reporting.

Portfolio Management Software for Financed Emissions

The SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability – Portfolio Management solution helps you calculate and report the carbon footprint from investing and lending activities.

Benefit From Professional Sustainability Management Solutions

Find out why industry leaders choose Sphera for Corporate Sustainability.

Powerful Reporting and Advanced Performance Analytics

Provides sustainability information in a professional and transparent way for accurate and efficient ESG and sustainability reporting.

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Embedded Sustainability DNA

You can rely on the world’s leading corporate sustainability software to manage reporting and performance improvement across the enterprise.

esg reporting software

Best-in-Class Sustainability Data Management

Respond to a multitude of reporting frameworks, including the new ESG frameworks that aligns with increased investor interest. Combined with our Sphera LCA GaBi database, organizations can accelerate their Scope 3 value chain emissions based on the most comprehensive library of industry specific datasets worldwide.

Best-in-Class Sustainability Data Management

Enterprise Scale

Designed from the ground up for enterprise-wide implementation on a global scale, you can respond to a multitude of reporting needs and receive superior consulting before, during and after your implementation.


Sustainability Progress – The Need is High, But Progress is Slow.

Latest Insights based on Sustainability Survey Report 2021

The Gap Between Intent and Action!

51 % of companies confirm having sustainability commitments, but only 21 % have a clear roadmap for implementing sustainability strategy into their core business.

Net-Zero Emissions Targets are a Top Priority

But Scope 3 emissions are missing from the conversation. Only 13 % of surveyed organizations have identified all relevant Scope 3 categories.

Tackle your Scope 3 Challenge

SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software offers a prepackaged GHG Scope 3 emission factors library with frequently-used material factor sets for Purchased Goods and Services, based on existing Scope 3 projects. The software has the capability to add additional category data sets based on demand.

Digitalization Can Be the Game-Changer

Only 20 % of Survey Respondents have dedicated technology in place to translate their sustainability commitments into Action.

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

Large and small businesses trust SpheraCloud to optimize their Corporate Sustainability.

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Experiencing a Scope 3 Challenge?

Scope 3 emissions can account for up to 80% of total GHG emissions. They have the potential to dominate the overall carbon footprint.

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With the growing pressure to manage sustainability, companies are increasingly setting and disclosing ambitious goals.

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Learn how our SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software can help you to provide audit-proof sustainability information to complement your ESG reporting.

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