Life Cycle Assessment (GaBi) Databases

Power your decision-making with reliable, consistent environmental data.

Access the Best Foundation for Data-Driven Decisions That Support Your Sustainability Goals

Updated regularly, Sphera’s Life Cycle Assessment (GaBi) databases are built on robust data from primary sources. They include official datasets from over 60 industry associations, consistently modeled with GaBi background data.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Database

Optimize Performance
with Premium Data

Our life cycle (GaBi) databases offer 15,000 process datasets that include 1,000 models. With access to datasets from dozens of industry associations that are modeled with GaBi background data, you gain a stronger foundation for your life cycle decisions.

Broaden Your Access to Data

Boost your access to the data you need with streamlined data integration. Sphera’s Life Cycle Assessment databases allow access to additional third-party databases such as ecoinvent and U.S. Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Database.

Life Cycle Assessment (GaBi) Databases
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Database

Get Exactly What You Need
with Data-on-Demand

Sphera understands that your data requirements are unique. If your needs extend beyond the standard data offering, thousands of additional, consistent datasets are already available as Data-on-Demand. And more can be developed quickly to meet your specific needs.

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Access Sphera’s comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) databases with over 15,000 annually updated datasets.

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