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Go beyond compliance to optimize performance with our Environmental Compliance software.

Simplify Emissions Management and Compliance

Today, just being in compliance with environmental regulations is not enough for highly regulated companies. Investors, directors and the general public are all expecting maximum asset performance and a reduced environmental impact. So Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability leaders need not only reporting tools, but also the technology in place to optimize performance.

Evolve from Compliance to Performance

Sphera’s Environmental Accounting software helps companies do both. They let you establish an auditable record for air, water and waste management while reducing your compliance burden with confidence. And they deliver the advanced insights that can help you benchmark and optimize asset performance.

Improve Transparency

Benefit from our Environmental Accounting solution that provides visual models of emission calculation for more transparency.

Standardize Processes

Designed from the ground up for enterprisewide implementation, you can respond to a multitude of reporting needs and automate warnings for noncompliance.

Centralize Data and Reporting

Accurate, centralized, standardized emissions data is fed into your Corporate Reporting tools to aid in achieving environmental goals.

Transform Data Into Insights

Both qualitative and quantitative data are viewed on a single screen, helping you make decisions to mitigate risks, reduce noncompliance and predict future performance.

Insights to Improve Environmental Sustainability

Our Environmental Compliance Management software helps you proactively manage compliance, which can deliver real access to your corporate reputation, brand equity and future accessibility of capital:

Air/GHG Emissions Management Software

Achieve full transparency of your emissions calculations and transform data into insights.

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Water Emission Management Software

Manage wastewater data within your permitted limits.

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Waste Management Software

Increase transparency in your waste monitoring and management.

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Refrigerant Management Software

Track usage, repairs and disposal to help comply with Title VI, Clean Air Act, Toxic Release Inventory, California AB 32, Federal Halocarbon and other refrigerant compliance regulations.

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Turn Your Environmental Data into Insights and Strategic Action

Companies struggle to move from compliance to performance while running through the reporting cycle again and again. Collection of data and filing regulatory reports is a resource-intensive process, particularly for large and globally operating businesses.

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Unlocking the Black Box: Finding the Keys to Environmental Performance

While companies have been driven to comply with environmental regulations for decades, the sharpened focus on climate change from scientists, activists, and the public has heightened the reputational and financial risks of gaps in environmental accounting practices.

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