Air/GHG Emissions Management Software

Gain new insights and simplify reporting with fully transparent emissions calculations.

Full Transparency in Your Air/GHG Emissions Inventory and Calculations

Sphera’s Air/GHG Emissions Management software simplifies the corporate and GHG reporting that regulatory programs and global initiatives demand. And it transforms your data into valuable insights.

Air/GHG Emissions Management Software

Increase Transparency in Your
Emissions Calculations

Access visual models of the detailed expressions to calculate values and fully visualize any calculated value for any date range. Track date-stamped materials, material composition and property information, including vapor pressure methods and coefficients. (Several methods of vapor pressure calculations are included.) Correct any erroneous data included in a calculation and immediately see the impact on calculated values.

Strengthen Your Reporting with
Multiple Data Collection Methods
and Centralized Data

Enter parameter value data via forms, choose automated batch processing from your own row-based spreadsheet or import data from an EA-generated workbook. Each option offers consistent data validation rules.

High quality, centralized data enables a single, traceable corporate system for recording emissions and operations data. Better insights and decision-making capabilities aren’t just an added benefit – they’re the very key to your success.

Air/GHG Emissions Management Software
Air/GHG Emissions Management Software

Transform Data into
Valuable Insights

Find all available data in one system and use it to identify errors and gaps and define actions to improve performance. Standard dashboards give you qualitative and quantitative data to help you track completion of data collection and troubleshoot calculations. Sphera’s Air/GHG Emissions Management software also helps you take steps to reduce non-compliance, mitigate risk and predict performance.

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