Waste Management Software

Reach zero waste with transparent waste monitoring and management. 

Manage, Minimize and Prevent Waste Emissions

Demonstrate full compliance with waste disposal regulations, right up to final waste disposal, with Sphera’s Waste Management software.

Increase Transparency for Improved Waste Management

Manage waste stream information such as composition, physical properties, management method codes and waste categories. Track the approval status of each waste stream by waste generator and disposal facility to avoid shipping waste to the wrong disposal facility.

Use Shipment Information to Achieve Greater Accuracy and Consistency

Work with accurate, centralized waste shipment and waste stream information using the embedded BI tools (powered by Qlik). Sphera’s Waste Management software manages waste information — across all stages and throughout your organization — in a single, traceable system.

Gain insights that help you address waste management challenges. Use the system’s dashboard to determine, for example, which generators produce a specific waste stream or which shipments contain a specific NPRI- or TRI-regulated material.

EA Waste Management Software
EA Waste Management Software 3

Simplify the Collection of Waste Shipment Data

Sphera’s Waste Management Software offers several methods for managing shipment information. Manually input shipment information or import information in bulk from flexible, formatted spreadsheets.

Explore Other Environmental Accounting Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Air/GHG Emissions software

Brings high transparency to a company’s emissions calculation and helps ensure compliance with a single, traceable corporate system of record for emissions and operations data.

Water Emissions Management

Helps organizations manage large amounts of sampling data associated with wastewater discharge permits.

Refrigerant Compliance Management

Track usage, repairs and disposal to help comply with Title VI, Clean Air Act, Toxic Release Inventory, California AB 32, Federal Halocarbon and other refrigerant compliance regulations.

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