Health & Safety
Management Software

Ensure process safety and assess risk with complete visibility and control.

Protect Your People and Your Operations

The world is becoming increasingly unpredictable with an alarming increase in severe and surprising catastrophic events. While companies are continually striving to ensure safe and reliable operations, roadblocks make this a major challenge: lower operating margins, aging equipment, increasing regulatory pressure and an ever-changing workforce.

Our Health & Safety software provides actionable information to risk management leaders; allowing them to protect their employees and their bottom line.

Ensure Employee and Process Safety With the Right Tools

Sphera’s Health & Safety Management Software enables organizations to implement enterprisewide, fully integrated solutions that reduce the likelihood of disasters and operational losses. Our advanced Safety Audit Software tools build workflows to capture, track, investigate, report and analyze health and safety information. Contact our team and understand how Sphera’s health and safety solution will reduce control operational risks, improve performance and guide corrective action implementations.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Centralize data, knowledge and best practices to mitigate risk, prevent operational disruptions and standardize management of change practices and policies.

Industry Workflows

Implement practical, actionable leading metrics in each key area of your specific workflow to drive behavior.

Mobile-First Design

Prioritize, assign, notify, track and report on corrective and preventive actions from any location throughout the enterprise.

Foundational Setup & Configuration

Our service team can configure our solutions to meet your organization’s unique health and safety needs.

Health & Safety Management Software

Health & Safety Management Brochure

The last decade has proven that unforeseen catastrophic events continue to occur at a disturbing rate while increasing in severity. Companies must continually improve their efforts to ensure safe and reliable operations.

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Consolidate Data and Turn Information Into Insights

The visibility and control provided by our safety audit software promotes swift and efficient regulatory compliance. Used in tandem with our risk assessment software your organization will be well equipped to prevent high exposure risks.

Incident Management Software

Report, manage and analyze incidents, near-misses and other risk events across the enterprise.

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Audit Management Software

Ease the administrative burden of the audit and inspection process by centralizing and automating standard tasks.

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Contractor Safety Software

Manage the third-party approval process, and identify and assess third-party risk across vendors, contractors and the supply chain.

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Management of Change Software

Mitigate risks and hazards associated with change with better process execution, improved enterprisewide risk visibility and best practice collaboration.

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Data Collection Software

Connect, record, monitor, calculate, analyze and report on key safety data metrics.

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Risk Assessment Software

Unify corporate and operational risk for complete visibility to spot trends and implement corrective and preventive actions.

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Policy Management Software

Control how employees access, acknowledge and sign off on key internal documents and policies.

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Training Management Software

Monitor and manage training needs with automated course scheduling, alerts and reminders.

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Health and Safety in the Face of Change

Risk comes in many forms — dangerous chemicals, complex technology and processes, exposure to pathogens and disease — and as we continue to redefine the nature of work, the associated risk also evolves.

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