Incident Management Software

Sphera’s incident management software helps you manage operational safety so risks remain visible and under control.

Reduce Incident Rates While Responding Quickly and Confidently

Our incident management and incident reporting tool helps you manage operational safety so risks remain visible and under control.

You and your organization can report, manage and analyze incidents, near-misses and other risk events in a single, easy-to-use platform.


Our Incident Management Software Can Help You:

  • Report incidents, near-misses and hazards from any device, on or offline and in real-time
  • Save time by automating repeatable tasks using smart alerts, reminders and risk aggregation
  • Access and manage everything in one place with the ability to integrate through our API

Take Control with Our Incident Management Tool

Quickly Understand and Respond to Incidents

Report incidents and upload photos using mobile or tablet devices and receive real-time alerts for quick response with our incident reporting software.

Drive a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Protect your organization from future incidents by investigating reported incidents, establishing the root causes and analyzing trends, all while staying compliant.

Encourage Anonymous Whistle-Blowing

Staff can anonymously report incidents or risks relating to safety, security or sustainability, and investigations can continue without identifying the whistleblower.

Use Geomaps to Identify Incident Hotspots

Enable reporting and trend analytics for every site in your organization to help you understand incidents and risk on both global and local levels with our incident reporting software.

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