Incident Management Software

Optimize your safety performance with accurate and up-to-date incident data.

Reduce Risk with Effective Incident Management

Sphera’s 2021 Safety Report found that only 56% of survey participants report incidents, near-misses and observations. There is a driving need to allow the entire workforce to report more leading indicator data, which includes near misses and behavioral-based observations, for better insights.

With Sphera’s Incident Management software you can optimize your safety performance based on accurate, up-to-date metrics on incidents, near misses and safety-related observations from your entire workforce. With better data, you can analyze reported incidents, identify root causes and take corrective action to improve your safety performance.

Incident Management

First Report Ensures Accurate Incident Reporting

To address incidents quickly and efficiently, you need the right tool. Our First Report portal enables your entire workforce to accurately report events and observations without a specific user ID. It is easy to use and accessible from any location, allowing users to upload information with mobile, touchscreen and kiosk devices. The software also allows anonymous reporting to encourage the input of information you need, even from those who may be reluctant to share it.

Drive a Culture of Continuous Reporting and Improvement

Protect your organization from future incidents by providing a simple, user-friendly tool that helps capture incidents, near misses and other observations for proactive hazard identification and risk reduction​. Based on the gathered data, safety professionals can investigate reported incidents, identify root causes, take corrective action and analyze trends, all while staying compliant.

Incident Management
Incident Management

Gain Reporting Efficiencies and Save Time with Our Cloud-Based Solution

Our cloud-based platform helps you analyze incidents and address risk at a local and global level. It also lets you automate repeatable tasks using smart alerts, reminders and risk aggregation to help you save time.

Explore Other Health and Safety Management Capabilities

Benefit from purpose-built solutions with a seamless connection.

Risk Assessment Software

With company-wide visibility of potential hazards, rapid risk assessments and integrated work-management, you’ll spot problems earlier to take quick corrective action.

Behavior-Based Safety Software

With this powerful new function in our First Report portal, you can use immediate and detailed observations in the field to improve safety awareness and promote proven risk-reducing behavior across your organization.

Actions Software

Sphera’s Actions software lets you apply a remediation action or task across multiple sites simultaneously. You can also allocate resources more efficiently by highlighting hotspots with high concentrations of actions.

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