Risk Assessment Software

Manage risk by bringing corporate and operational risk into a single application

Identify Risks Earlier, Mitigate Them Sooner and Ensure Complete Visibility

Our SpheraCloud Risk Assessment software helps you to manage risk by bringing corporate and operational risk into a single application. This provides you with complete, company-wide visibility of hazards, risks and risk assessments.

Spot trends earlier and implement corrective and preventive actions faster!

SpheraCloud risk assessment software preview

Our Risk Assessment Software Can Help You:

  • Identify risk and hazards across your organization - in real time
  • Standardize risk assessments so you can compare sites and divisions
  • Manage hazards centrally to ensure adequate control measure are in place
  • Save time by creating a unique hazard library and automatic risk scores across all levels

Top Benefits of Using Our Risk Assessment Software

Get Full Visibility of All Corporate and Operational Risks

Manage all company risks in one central application to ensure a measured, coherent and more efficiently response. Keep the data entry to a minimum and speed up the process by automatically populating where you are, who you are and other key facts.

Ensure Standardized Mitigation Processes

Ensure risks are mitigated with corporate standards and a degree of flexibility for local operations and environments.

Keep the Right People in the Loop

Escalation and notification are an essential part: Make the right people aware of obligations or emerging risks using our activity stream, email alerts and exportable reports.

Create a Hazard Library Unique to Your Organization

Build your own custom hazard library over time and save time and effort by entering in the same hazard types for each risk assessment. SpheraCloud will pre-populate certain form fields for you.

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