Risk Assessment Software 

Gain real time insight to inform your decisions. 

Visibility for All Your Risk, in One Application 

SpheraCloud Risk Assessment software helps you respond to your risk by bringing corporate and operational risk into a single comprehensive view. With company-wide visibility of potential hazards, rapid risk assessments and integrated work-management, you’ll spot problems earlier to take quick corrective action 

Get Full Visibility of All Corporate and Operational Risks  

Managing company risks in one central application enables you to rapidly initiate complete, coordinated responses. Your team can identify key factors quickly because contextual data is automatically populated, keeping data entry to a minimum. The solution is designed to enable specificity, speed and focus. 

Manage Response from Alerts
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Escalation and notification are an essential part of managing your response to risk. Manage workflow on emerging risks easily, using our activity stream, email alerts and exportable reports. 

Build and Apply Best Practices for Risk Management

Develop and consistently use best practices for risk management and response, applying corporate standards and local flexibility attuned to your distinct environments. Build your own hazard library, and gain major efficiencies by referencing your unique knowledge base to address new risks.

Explore Other Capabilities

Benefit from the unique combination of software, data and expertise to meet all your sustainability and ESG needs. 

Audits Software

Ease the administrative burden of the audit and inspection process by centralizing and automating stand tasks.

Incident Management Software

Ensure employees safety with a software interface that leads users through each step of reporting an incident, near miss, or any observation that could be a potential risk and help risks remain visible and under control.

Management of Change (MOC) Software

Consistently manage risks and incidents with our Management of Change tool to improve safety, compliance and performance.

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