Control of Work Software

Know what’s happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening
and what’s driving the operational risk in real time.

Command a Real-Time View of the Operational Reality

In a constantly changing operating environment, data streams in every second from multiple, often disparate, systems. Functions including Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, and Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability all have management systems, databases, sensors and human-reported information that must be considered together to make better-informed decisions. With permit to work software, now there’s a solution that can do just that.

An Industry First: Real-Time, Integrated Visualization of Work Activities and Risk

Through Sphera’s Control of Work software solution, you have a single unified view of all your asset conditions in real time. This closes the loop between separate management systems and delivers meaningful, actionable insights across the organization. The result is a welcome ability to monitor simultaneously occurring factors throughout your facilities and make sound operational judgments.

Standardize Control Over Processes

Sphera’s work permit software combines information from permits, risk assessments and isolations. Work teams can ensure compliance and improve the way they manage work permissions.

Connect Disparate Data

Powerful integration capabilities allow you to integrate with your existing IT and business application ecosystem to create a single, shared view.

Identify and Manage Risk Exposure

Simulate the Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risk impact of work activities, risks and process safety-critical equipment in each area of your asset in real time.

Deliver Safer, More Efficient Schedules

Before starting a shift, know what previously happened, what is happening now and what is likely to happen during upcoming shift periods.

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Control of Work Brochure

In operating environments that are constantly changing, companies need insights based on real-time asset conditions to improve and sustain control of work practices and make sound operational decisions.

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Manage with Unprecedented Situational Awareness

Our control of work software gives operators the tools they need to routinely manage activities and risk in a joined-up way. These capabilities can transform the way they work:

Permit to Work

Shift the management of activities from permits to real-time, systemwide control. Strengthen compliance and the work permission process by integrating information from permits, risk assessments and isolations (LOTO).

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Activity Risk Management

Improve the management of interdependent risks with permitted and operational activities through visualization.

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Operations Logbook & Shift Handover

Gain insight before a shift, including what happened, current events and predictions for upcoming shift periods.

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Process Safety Barrier Management

Use a dynamic process safety barrier model to automatically map all performance deviations, hazardous activities, abnormal conditions, human- and sensor-derived inputs. Simulate in real time the Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risk impact of work activities, risks and process safety-critical equipment in each area of your asset.

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Emergency Preparedness & Response

Move fast by ensuring access to response plan information as events unfold, which allows teams to quickly assess the situation and respond appropriately.

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Integration With Third-Party Systems

Plug into your existing IT and business application ecosystem.


Interactive Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)

Sphera’s Interactive P&ID streamlines isolation planning with quick access to engineering documentation and interactive capabilities to mark up piping and instrumentation diagrams.

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Isolation Management

Sphera’s powerful Isolation Management helps protect from uncontrolled or unexpected releases of energy. It provides a framework and workflow-enabled processes for planning and creating safe work procedures to help deactivate energy sources, so maintenance work can begin.

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Dynamic Risk Pathways​

The industry’s next generation of ORM Digital Twin technology provides the real-time capture, modelling and simulation of causal risk pathways related to specific risk scenarios outlined in bowties, PHAs, and other risk assessments.

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Advanced analytics to power better decisions


Automatic and universal system updates to reduce maintenance and improve performance


Mobile solutions to capture and deliver information everywhere


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