Operations Logbook & Shift Handover Software

Before starting a shift, know what’s happened, what’s happening now,
and what’s likely to occur during upcoming shifts.

Frontline operations is where everything comes together. It’s where production, activities, operational risk, and human interactions occur. Getting it right is critical, as poor-quality handovers have been identified as causal factors in numerous serious incidents.

Ensuring transparency of the potential impact of what’s in the operations logbook gives a clear understanding of work priorities and Operation’s ability to support the plan. It also unlocks improved communication and collaboration between shift and cross-functional teams, including Operations, Maintenance, HSE, Engineering, and Planning.

Operations Logbook & Shift Handover Software Preview

Operations Logbook & Shift Handover Software

Sphera’s Control of Work solution delivers a single, shared view of the operational reality. It arms everyone with the right information at the right time so that they can make more informed, effective operational decisions.

As part of the solution, the Operations Logbook & Shift Handover software helps operators bring all operational activities and their associated risks into a single, central, shared location to see how all activities come together. A common view of the operational reality enables better planning, management, and execution of work activities.

  • Automatically populate shift logs based on data captured through permits, operational observations, planned work for the next shift
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Access a chronological list of events and operator observations
  • Understand operator priorities and required support

Now work teams can see how their activities can potentially interact with others happening on the plant in terms of risk and SIMOPS (simultaneous operations). They can have a clear understanding of Operation’s priorities and their ability to support other planned and unplanned activities on the plant. Most importantly, it enables clear and consistent communications between shift teams, providing a view of the work events on the shift, the status of the plant – with an emphasis on risk, and a real-time view of the next few shift periods. This allows oncoming shift teams to be better informed and more proactive – leading to increased uptime, fewer incidents, and better utilization of resources.

Sphera’s Operations Logbook & Shift Handover software connects your process to the operational reality of your assets. It helps keep your people and assets safe by ensuring everyone knows what’s happening, where it’s happening, when it’s happening, and what’s driving the risk. Are you ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about Sphera’s Control of Work solutions.

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