Control of Work for Mining

Gain visibility to increase safety, boost productivity and enforce standardization. 

Improve Operational Safety and Performance with a Flexible Digital Solution

Sphera’s Control of Work (CoW) for Mining helps mine operators and crews reduce risk while improving productivity and enforcing standardization in the metals, mining and mineral processing industries. Mine operators can better oversee the proper use of permits and they can manage activities in real time for higher levels of compliance.  

Key features of the solution support the comprehensive process rigor of the industry. For example, dynamic checklist capabilities accommodate a wide range of mining specific business processes, robust isolations management, lockout/tagout (LOTO) capabilities and mobile permitting. With the solution’s online/offline mobile capabilities, workers can always access the information they need, and operators are able to keep their people safe and get the right things done, at the right time. 

Increase Mine Safety

Mining is a highly dangerous and volatile industry that requires strong corporate and government oversight. Because of its cyclical work requirements, companies often work with contractors, which creates an extra layer of complexity and a visibility gap. Moving from paper permits to digital permits that are set through Sphera’s Control of Work for Mining enables mine operators to better enforce policies and procedures across locations. They gain visibility and can ensure that contractors or maintenance crews do not make short cuts that put them, equipment or the mine at risk.  

Sphera’s Control of Work for Mining offers online/offline capabilities that help operators optimize scheduling and coordinate critical maintenance tasks and worker assignments, preventing conflicts before they happen. Mobile GPS tracking capabilities enable mine operators to ensure procedures are being followed at the right place and time. The solution helps supervisors improve efficiency and effectiveness while supporting their top priority of safety and environmental management. 

Boost Productivity

Sphera’s standard, out-of-the-box configuration is based on decades of experience and best practices. Its capabilities help supervisors prioritize, reconcile and reschedule potential conflicting procedures, so as to connect planning and maintenance to operational reality. Through standardized permit templates, JSAs and isolation templates, the solution offers the flexibility to streamline processes in line with internal and
external requirements. 

By significantly reducing contractor and crew wait time for permits, the solution’s mobile capabilities also generate productivity gains. Supervisors can ensure that the correct practices are carried out at the right time. Digital permits that are created at one mine can be templated, copied and utilized at other mines. This contributes to standardization, compliance and efficiency, saving time and effort for the workers and contractors who move from mine to mine. Users in underground or remote mine operations can work in online and in offline mode. Offline work is automatically synchronized upon regaining internet connectivity.

Achieve Compliance and Demonstrate Governance

By providing evidence of consistent enforcement of standards and procedures, Sphera’s Control of Work for Mining builds upon the foundation of a sound governance program. Standardized templates, isolation templates, baseline risk assessments or JSAs with required controls promote consistent, harmonized policies across all operations. Operators can measure permit performance and adherence with standards, then generate deviation records to help remediate deficiencies and share lessons learned.

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