Dynamic Risk Pathways​

The industry’s first real-time Process Safety Digital Twin solution​.

Operationalize Your Bowtie Risk Software

Complex systems constantly change and migrate toward states of higher risk on a daily basis. But these changes can be gradual and hidden. Impairments, startups, shutdowns, permitted and non-permitted maintenance activities, MoCs and more contribute to dynamic risk changes. ​

PHAs, HAZOPs, Bowtie risk assessments capture hazard-related information and identify needed controls and safeguarding barriers based on analysis at static intervals of time that could be months or years long. It would be time-consuming, expensive and difficult to manually capture changing situations on an ongoing basis.​

Yet for the safety and resilience of operations, organizations must clearly understand equipment, process, and operational conditions that could contribute to an incident, accident or near-miss at any moment in time. ​

Dynamic Risk Pathways​ bowtie analysis

Know where to intervene, what to prioritize and when to mitigate risk​

Sphera’s Dynamic Risk Pathways is the industry’s next generation of ORM Digital Twin technology to model and simulate risk exposure. It provides the real-time capture and visualization of causal risk pathways related to specific risk scenarios outlined in PHAs and bowtie analysis.

Visualization and simulation capabilities help organizations map threat lines and manage exposure to top events and consequences, including progress toward loss of primary containment and control. ​

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Go beyond traditional bowtie risk software. Connect the dots.

Access equipment records​

Access equipment records​

Identify maintenance deferrals​

Identify maintenance deferrals​

Drill down into ​ barrier statuses:​ Maintenance​ Verification​ Operational ​

Drill down into ​barrier statuses:​

Maintenance​, Verification​, Operational 

Understand and manage MAH risk exposure​

Understand and manage MAH risk exposure​

Demonstrate operational compliance​

Demonstrate operational compliance​

Give Process Safety an Edge

Dynamic Risk Pathways creates a digital replica of your asset and dynamically visualizes in real-time its process safety conditions and health status.

By utilizing the current status information from asset integrity inspections, process safety critical equipment IoT sensor data, maintenance and operational activity, and deviations from normal operating conditions (e.g. MoC’s Inhibits, Defeated Safety Devices, Process or Procedure changes, Drills, Incidents, etc.) operational teams are provided with a single, shared view of the health of safeguarding barriers and real-time risk impact on major accident hazard risk scenarios.

Turn Data into Actionable Insight

Dynamic Risk Pathways turns disparate data into actionable insight to improve operational decision-making helping organizations move from reacting to conditions as they arise to a much more predictive and proactive footing.

Dynamic Risk Pathways provide an early warning system as operators can see how impaired, degraded or even missing safeguarding barriers are increasing risk and the likelihood of a risk pathway developing into a near miss, incident, or even major accident hazard situation. With this increased visibility of bowtie software, organizations can improve maintenance prioritization, asset integrity, safety assurance and production uptime.

Make sense of technical safety information in dynamic operational environments – including threats and consequences identified in bowtie risk studies – in a simple, clear way to aid decision-making.

bowtie analysis Support safe operational strategies​ Improve asset integrity, risk management and workforce engagement in EHS​

Support safe operational strategies​

Improve asset integrity, risk management and workforce engagement in EHS

bowtie analysis Optimize productivity​ Reduce downtime and loss of production​

Optimize productivity​

Reduce downtime and loss of production

bowtie analysis Improve resource allocation​ Give operating teams clarity and the ability to prioritize work based on risk​

Drill down into ​barrier statuses:​

– Maintenance

bowtie analysis Decrease costs​ Improve uptime and resource allocation – including the utilization of contractors​

Decrease costs​

Improve uptime and resource allocation – including the utilization of contractors

Laptop - Dynamic Risk Pathways FULL Demo bowtie analysis

Dynamic Risk Pathways Demo Video

Learn about the capabilities of Sphera’s Dynamic Risk Pathways solution to help organizations capture and visualize causal risk pathways related to risk scenarios outlined in bowties, PHAs and other risk assessments.

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