By | July 13, 2021

Ensuring operations are safe is a never-ending task that organizations grapple with day in and day out. One change in a plant, one isolation, one shift-handover mistake, one maintenance project gone awry can lead to an incident—perhaps a devastating one.

Being able to “see” what could go wrong and where before it does is like having an extra eye that never blinks.

That’s why software that offers a single, shared view of an operational reality is so important. It’s known as Control of Work, but Taking Control of Work and Risk might be even more accurate.

It’s not surprising to see that 92% of executives said improving safe operations was a moderate to high priority for their organizations to improve in the next two years and, likewise, 93% said worker health protection was a priority, according to a recent Verdantix report. What might be more surprising is that 8% said improving safe operations was a low priority and 7% said the same about worker health protection.

Worker safety is unquestionably the most important aspect of any organization’s safety culture.

For over 30 years, companies have relied on Sphera’s Control of Work software to help them standardize their control over processes, identify and manage risk exposure, connect disparate data and deliver safer, more efficient schedules.

Continuing to evolve processes and procedures to protect people, assets, communities and, ultimately, reputation should be every organization’s priority when everything can change in an instant.

Today they can do even more.

As part of a long-term initiative to improve our customer experience, we have added exciting new features and functions to the SpheraCloud Control of Work solution.

Here is a sneak peek of some of those enhancements.

Control of Work - Permit Acceptance

ORM User Experience

Improved user interface:

The new user-friendly, responsive interface for laptops or tablet makes finding the necessary information easier than ever before, which enhances the user experience. Of course, users can still access the current interface on the mobile app as well.


Interactivity Meets Ingenuity:

Using their own Interactive piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), users can set isolation and de-isolation points directly on the diagram. This interactive, intuitive tool offers users an easier-to-use visual process that makes isolation planning more efficient and effective. The update also allows users to build and manage libraries of standard, visual isolation plans for major and safety critical pieces of equipment.

ORM Permit to work

Ensure It With New Permit Functionality:

Permit to Work documents are designed to show the safeguards in place. The new Permit to Work functionality allows authorized users to accept permits on behalf of contractors. Also, by scanning a badge, the software allows authorized users to show which permits they hold as well as their competencies. This enhances the contractor management process. And pre-approved risk assessment functionality allows users to embed risk assessments for isolation and permit work while saving time on job safety analysis. Risk assessment team approval enhancements provide an approval process that lets the entire risk assessment team sign off on the risk assessment, including remote signoff and user delegation capabilities.

ORM isolation mgmt

Isolation Innovation:

Isolation Management is designed to help focus on specific areas of a plan that need to be taken out of service safely because of a breakdown/malfunction or for maintenance. Users of the updated Control of Work software can now benefit from even greater flexibility to support simple Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) to accommodate complex multiphase isolation plans to cover different stages of work activity all within a single plan. Permits associated with isolation points can be easily created, and dependencies between various isolation plans can be created, providing a parent-child style of relationship. The ability to create temporary isolation points for one-time use within the context of an isolation give control over the isolation point register while allowing the isolation to be put into place safely. It’s also now possible to add notes regarding an isolation point.

ORM Personal protective equipment

Wondering What to Wear?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been discussed a lot over the past couple of years because of COVID-19, but plant operators are already well-aware of the importance of PPE. Sphera’s new PPE product enhancement provides an intuitive and visual guide to inform users of the required and recommended personal protective equipment needed based on the substances they may come in contact with during the job and tasks required for that job.

The time to take control of your work with the new Sphera Control of Work is now. Learn more about the enhancements or request a demonstration.