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Keep work teams and contractors safe in demanding environments.

Safely Manage Isolation of Machines and Equipment from Uncontrolled Energy

Risks originating from work activities, if improperly managed, can lead to severe consequences. In particular – turnarounds, critical or routine maintenance, startup, and sampling work have the potential to release hazardous, uncontrolled energy that could lead to a major accident. Failures during the isolation and reinstatement of process plants are one of the main causes of loss of containment and electrocution incidents – thus requiring international compliance for controlling process, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, and other potentially hazardous energy sources.

To provide a safe working environment, Operations must adhere to high isolation standards, rigorous control measures, and process safety regulations. Work crews must be aware of hotspots and know how to control hazardous energy in systems, pipes, tanks, wells, vessels, and mechanical equipment – prevent the loss of containment and ensure the production system is safe to operate. But they can’t do it alone. They need real-time insights to employ preventative and risk reduction measures.

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Enable Detailed Isolation Workflow & Controls

Sphera’s powerful Isolation Management software helps protect from uncontrolled or unexpected releases of energy. It provides a framework and workflow-enabled processes for planning and creating safe work procedures to help deactivate energy sources, so maintenance work can begin. It includes gas test monitoring, lock-out tag-out (LOTO), and a view of simultaneous activities in the area to avoid conflicts – for complete management of the isolation’s lifecycle and relation to other hazardous operations.

  • Improve isolation discipline and ensure policy is incorporated into operational practice
  • Manage isolation procedures when preparing the plant for safe work, testing, and for return to normal operations
  • Control the LOTO process
  • Identify the risks of potentially hazardous energy sources
  • Detect conflicts
  • Leverage interactive isolation P&ID tools
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Sphera’s Isolation Management Software Offers

Robust database

Consistently identify equipment, isolation points, procedures, and review past performance.

Pre-defined workflows

Ensure all plans are reviewed and approved by the site management team

List management and tag generation

Automatically generate isolation details and create tags to identify isolation points. QR codes can be scanned with Sphera’s Industrial Connected Worker Mobility application to manage isolation status in the field.

LOTO compliance

Standardize the procedure creation and review process with built-in templates and fingertip access to cross-check isolation status. Ensure interlocks are established to maintain the integrity of the isolation thoughout the work lifecycle.

Isolation verification

Know when your isolation does not comply. Receive a risk assessment prompt for validation.


Geographically see and manage simultaneously scheduled activities and detect conflicts.

Gas test monitoring

Monitor, record, and centrally access gas test results.

Track, monitor and audit

Track the status of each isolation point, monitor the integrity of critical valves, and access work, authorization, and performance history.

Reuse plans for repeat work

Reduce rework, improve learning and reduce duplicate entry by copying previously approved isolation plans.

Control of Work integration

Interlock isolations with permits and risk assessments for a single version of the truth. Improve activity management with a clear view of isolation status as part of the shift handover process.

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