Process Hazard Analysis (PHA-Pro) & HAZOP Software

Identify and assess risk with a smarter set of tools to reduce the potential for an unplanned event.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Made Easy

PHA HAZOP Software, hira software

Minimize risk exposure with the industry-leading PHA HAZOP Software.

In asset-intensive, high-hazard facilities risk is a given. And with individuals across the organization relying on massive data sets to assess and manage that risk, the challenge becomes even greater.

Sphera’s PHA-Pro offers a configurable framework to help you standardize and record risk assessment data and ensure proper controls are in place.

Sphera’s PHA-Pro software, hira software

Identify, assess and control the impact of process-related risk

Sphera’s PHA-Pro software gives you a more comprehensive approach for process safety management, helping you optimize expert time while reducing study time and report time. Its capabilities give you a far more efficient way to manage process safety risk.

  • Dynamically link PHA diagrams and worksheets
  • Improve release management
  • Shorten study time and leverage best practice with our comprehensive knowledge libraries
  • Export professional reports
  • Access international, multi-language support
  • Link HAZOP and LOPA templates
  • Enhance workflow with autotype and copy features
  • Utilize our recommendations manager tool

Why Companies Value Sphera

Find out why organizations choose Sphera’s PHA-Pro to strengthen their risk assessment process.

Assess risk more efficiently

Build on your previous assessments to avoid wasting time and resources. Retain valuable corporate knowledge and intellectual property. Incorporate learnings from past incidents.

Assess risk more efficiently

Risk studies with better results

Improve the implementation of risk studies and achieve more responsive, efficient business processes.

Risk studies with better results

Optimized tools

Use our preformatted, standard PHA templates, easily configure them to your liking and increase risk assessment consistency.

hira software
Process Hazard Analysis

Enterprise Advanced Risk Assessment Software Is Within Reach

Sphera’s enterprise Advanced Risk Assessment helps companies consistently identify, assess and control the impact of operational risk. ​The on-premise and cloud-based deployments feature a responsive, configurable and intuitive user interface, designed to help global organizations improve decision-making and performance with an integrated view of their risk portfolio.​

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Expert Services to Complement Your Team


With more than 150 years of collective experience, our experts have a proven track record of supporting clients as they successfully mitigate risk, manage quality, and meet strict regulatory requirements. We are deeply committed to providing high-quality, customized risk management consulting, training and engineering services.

Our expert facilitators and trainers have extensive experience performing risk assessments based on any methodology, including:

  • HAZOP, What/If
  • PHA revalidation
  • Workplace Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

Large and small businesses trust Sphera to help them reduce the potential for unplanned events.

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Improve your bottom line by optimizing expert time, minimizing work stop pages and reducing the potential for undesirable events.

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Sphera’s PHA-Pro software helps you quickly identify, assess and control the impact of process-related risk, reducing the potential for an unplanned event.

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PHA-Pro is more powerful than ever in helping process safety professionals better understand their risk profile right from their very first study.

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Are you ready to master hazard identification and risk assessment?

Learn more about how Sphera’s PHA-Pro & HAZOP software can provide a more efficient, holistic approach to process-related risk management.