Security & Vulnerability Assessment Software

Fortify your defenses for chemical facilities and infrastructure with our security software and proactive vulnerability analysis.

Help Prevent Attacks by Finding Vulnerabilities, Creating Actions, Tracking Results and Alerting Key Stakeholders.

Organizations must have a sound plan in place to deal with intentional attacks—terrorism, acts– of– war, vandalism, and more —to ensure the safety of their people, property, assets and reputation. Unfortunately, the complexities of securing company assets against hostile acts have become increasingly more challenging, as both physical threats and cyberattacks continue to evolve.

Sphera’s robust, centralized Security & Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) software, available on SpheraCloud or on-premise, offers configurable risk assessment templates and associated workflows. These features help your organization standardize and record security and risk assessment data, helping you ensure proper controls are always in place to respond to attacks or newly exposed system vulnerabilities.


Regulatory Compliance Support

Businesses must have effective corporate-wide security policies and programs established, but where do they begin? Sphera offers organizations a variety of proven safety and security methodologies to fortify defenses and responsiveness immediately.

Sphera’s solution offers pre-formatted, industry-standard templates for:

  • API/NPRA SVA for Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries
  • RAMCAP – Risk analysis and management for critical asset production

Data Management and Transparency

Sphera helps businesses connect their data assets with accessible references and recommendation libraries. This means that businesses can improve consistency and efficiency by strategically replicating data in key areas of need.

Sphera’s SVA software also gives businesses outstanding visual representation for their data by linking risk assessments and process maps, enabling businesses to gain a clear picture of all active and potential threats.

Security Vulnerability Assessment 2
Security Vulnerability Assessment 3

Proactively Engage Defensive Actions

Sphera’s SVA software helps businesses improve the responsiveness and efficiency of security processes to respond to threats immediately and proactively.

By developing and implementing security risk assessment and management methodologies that adhere to regulations, facility owners can calculate their vulnerability to a wide variety of specific threats and determine necessary countermeasures and required upgrades. This enables businesses to identify the processes most susceptible to risk so they can proactively protect their initiatives.

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