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For 30 years, Sphera’s Desktop Pro has been the de facto solution used by thousands of organizations to minimize risk exposure, standardize and record risk assessment data. Companies have leveraged PHA Pro, FMEA Pro, SVA Pro, and RiskSafe to:​​

  • Effectively conduct risk assessments (PHAs, HAZOPs, LOPAs, SILs, HIRAs, FMEAs, FMECAs, SVAs, and more)​
  • Reduce study time by 86% and report time by 90%​
  • Comply with regulations and industry standards​
Process Safety Risk, hse risk assessment software

Why Not Deploy Globally?​

Sphera’s enterprise Advanced Risk Assessment helps companies consistently identify, assess and control the impact of operational risk. Discover our enterprise solutions for, ​​

  • Process Safety Risk​
  • Quality Risk​
  • Occupational Risk​
  • Facility and infrastructure Risk ​

​The on-premise and cloud-based deployments feature a responsive, configurable and intuitive user interface, designed to help global organizations improve decision-making and performance with an integrated view of their risk portfolio.​

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Our Software for Advanced Risk Assessment

Process Safety Risk Software

Strengthen your risk assessment processes with our software for process safety risk.

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Quality Risk Management Software

Lock in a consistent approach to products and processes with our software for quality risk management.

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Occupational Risk Software

Identify and manage potential task-related occupational risks.

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Security & Vulnerability Assessment Software

Fortify your facility and cybersecurity with our software for security and vulnerability analysis.

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Take Control and Monitor Risk

Identify and assess risk in a uniform fashion across your organization

Ensure control measures are in place

Report on performance

Connect and understand interdependencies

Analyze root causes and implement corrective actions

Decisive, Proactive Risk Management

  • Consistently assess and manage risk across the organization​
  • Retain knowledge​
  • Automate key processes​
  • Understand, visualize and act upon your risk profile across facilities, projects and business units
  • Integrate quality throughout the product lifecycle
  • Respond to immediate changes in customer demand
  • Report on performance to ensure continuous improvement
  • Centralize risk knowledge

Discover the Capabilities of Sphera’s Enterprise
Advanced Risk Assessment Alongside Desktop Pro

Enterprise Advanced Risk Assessment
Desktop Pro

Action-tracking, role-based workflows

No workflows and manual recommendation management

Advanced cross-study reporting and drilldowns for insights into multiple global sights

Basic study level reporting

Risk assessment libaries and centralized knowledge base

No central repository, no cross functionality

Role-based secure access

Local client installation

Count on Sphera’s Managed Services and Customer Care to Maximize Your Investment

mro software
Minimal Disruption to Your Business

Quickly realize the value of your projects with lower overall risk and disruption to your business.

mro software

Get the most from your investment when you upgrade and adapt your software to changing business needs.

  • Streamlined, no-hassle delivery execution of managed code upgrades​
  • Ad-hoc configuration and technical support​
  • Premier access to subject matter expertise​
  • Best practice e-learning to support your digital business process​

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