Sustainability Strategy Guidance

Set out your approach to sustainability with our range of strategic advisory services.

Formulate a Sustainability Strategy that Works for Your Business

The demand for more sustainable business is constantly increasing, as is the number of different initiatives, regulations and approaches with which companies need to align for sustainability. In order to secure their future business, companies need to respond quickly by committing to relevant sustainability initiatives, setting realistic emissions reduction goals and making strategic decisions on further steps. But how should you manage these challenges with limited resources and know-how?

Secure the Future by Embedding Sustainability Throughout Your Business

Our flexible sustainability strategy approach guides companies through these challenges by starting where you are along your sustainability journey and helping you to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy that supports your company’s business objectives.

With results driven by consistently updated data specific to your industry, Sphera delivers advisory services, backed up by powerful software tools, to embed sustainability throughout your organization. The result is a clear set of goals, strategies, tactics and operational solutions that will lead your products, processes and company culture into the sustainable future.

Design an ever-improving process

Transform your business model in a way that leads to aspiring innovation. Push your business toward transformative success, with the help of an interative sustainability strategy.

Use accurate data

Accurate data helps you correctly calculate your current situation and make realistic plans for future changes. Access real data specific to your industry. based on our long-standing experience with the largest global players in every sector.

Work with people who understand your industry-specific need

Our consultants take a personalized approach that adapts to your specific needs, guiding you through an array of insights, ranging from specific products or facilities to broader business models that take into account all your activities on a global scale.

Work when and where it matters

Sustainability has a great deal of complexity built into it. We enable you to manage your sustainability transformation as you see fit and at your own pace.

Balance Your Approach to Sustainability with a Variety of Options

Remaining agile in our approach to assisting you, we adapt to your circumstances as they are right now. This realistic, flexible process enables you to transform in a way that makes sense for your business objectives while working to push your sustainability agenda. Our sustainability consultants draw from a large pool of tools to help you succeed, giving you a wide range of solutions to choose from:

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Define which Sustainable Development Goals are important to your company and how you can include them in you sustainability strategy.

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Sustainability Strategy Development

What’s your strategy for driving value through sustainability? Let our consulting experts help you develop a vision for future sustainability success. A holistic approach, this service helps managers set goals and clarify the steps to generating long-term value.

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Scope 3 – Value Chain Carbon Accounting

We offer data, software and consulting to help you in analyzing and managing your carbon emissions across the entire value chain (Scope 3). When you know your carbon footprint, you know how relevant your own and scope 3 emissions are. So you can take steps to improve where you need to the most.

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Materiality Assessment

Which aspects of your situation relevantly influence your sustainability performance? Scope out the potential for sustainability initiatives in your organization by prioritizing the topics and impacts most relevant to you and your stakeholders.

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Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA)

Do you know the potential of your product portfolio to accelerate sales, reduce risk and capture market opportunities? Assessing the entirety of your portfolio allows you to determine which products have the most potential and which products need to change.

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Sustainability Benchmarking

Assess your performance across a number of key topics against competitor achievements and wider industry best practices. This service helps you contextualize your activities within the marketplace, showing you how sustainability works within a competitive landscape.

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Science Based Targets (SBT)

The Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) has established a set of criteria for organizations to take the lead in steering society toward a brighter future. We support you in settings your Science-Based Target in alignment with the required emissions reductions and your specific situation.

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