Sustainability & ESG Strategy Development Services 

Create a strategy for driving business value through sustainability. 

Develop a Strategy for Sustainable Success  

Companies that demonstrate strong sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance have shown better resiliency during crises. They also have lower risks and higher returns. As an essential gauge for investors and capital markets, a robust sustainability and ESG strategy is a foundation for sustainable value creation that helps secure access to fresh capital. Sphera’s consulting experts can help your organization define a data-driven and actionable pathway toward sustainable excellence and greater ESG performance. 

Create an ESG Roadmap Tailored to Your Business 

To maximize the business value of your sustainability and ESG programs, you need to develop a decision-driving ESG roadmap tailored to your company’s specific needs. We’ll walk you through each step of the strategy development process and help you: 

  • Understand your status quo and set the baseline by reviewing your current and planned ESG initiatives. 
  • Set priorities by conducting a materiality assessment and identifying gaps in your performance compared with the best practices in your sector. 
  • Determine your action plan by defining ESG performance targets and developing an ESG implementation plan that aligns with your overall business strategy. 

Operationalize Your ESG Strategy 

The true power of a clear roadmap is realized in execution. With the support and guidance of Sphera’s sustainability and ESG experts, companies can develop measures and processes to inform and operationalize their ESG strategies. We’ll help you with:  

  • Data collection for the defined ESG indicators and calculation of baseline values. 
  • Identification and implementation of tools for data collection, processing, performance management and reporting. 
  • Integration of ESG requirements into existing business processes and development of guidelines to support effective implementation. 
  • Development of a comprehensive ESG governance structure.
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Enhance ESG Transparency Through Data-Driven Communication 

Reporting through ESG standards such as CDP, GRI, ISSB/SASB and TCFD will improve your company’s ESG rating and help you attract new investors, partners and talent. Sphera’s sustainability and ESG consultants help you identify and report on the ESG frameworks and regulations that are most important for your company, enabling you to produce transparent, robust ESG reports that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of your ESG strategy. 

Explore Other Sustainability Consulting Services 

Benefit from the unique combination of software, data and expertise to meet all your sustainability and ESG needs. 

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